Monday, April 26


"Chennai super kings roared over the Mumbai Indians.They had a tremendous win n swept the Mumbai Indians by 22 runs defeat.It was a final match worth watching . The Mumbai Indians had lost all their hopes by the 14th over wen the wickets had fallen and the required run rate was above 12....suddenly wen the 22 yr old "gigantic" Powell entered the field there came a ray over the darkness...but wen he was caught out by Hyden, the Mumbai Indians head swung back again and the Chennai super kings were overwhelmed with their first victory in the IPL"  

I still remember the day, and the joy of celebrating the victory of CSK. This  passion for winning a match in the cricketing area is not new.I sometimes feel the real patriotism is shown when India plays cricket.We can keep speaking about cricket,give facts,statistics and everything about this gaming religion in our Country.But why does cricket get this much media support? this much glam quotient? this much fan following in India????

Today cricket has become the largest playing sport in IndiaAlthough Field Hockey is the National Game, Indians tend to show a lot of Interest in cricket and now this has become totally commercialized.We heard about a lot of scams in the recent years and the gaming arena was no exemption. The recent incident of match fixing was a nightmare.Is it a good trend?????

There are so many sports in the country but why importance only to cricket????? The media also plays an important role in increasing the glam quotient of the game.Do we bother to show this much interest in hockey world cup, kabbadi word cup, like how we do with cricket?????

Even the government does not bother to improve the standard of the other sports or even encourage people to play the sport.

Last Olympics we were happy with the medals that we got. It was a proud moment for India each and every time the flag went high during the prize giving ceremony. But do we even remember the names of those players who won those medals baring one or two??? 

It is a shame for a country with second highest population in the world and producing hardly any world level athletes. It is very much inspiring to see movies like "chak de india" and "bhag milka bhag". But should we be satisfied only with the movies? Its high time we respect those who take up sporting as their career, and the governments provides them with the best facility.

We feel proud about the fact that many of the Olympic disciplines are the advanced version of many games that were originated in India.But now the Olympic association of India is  suspended due to non adherence of International Olympic Committee rules and corruption. Will the suspension be taken off before the next Olympics and will India represent in the next Olympics?? Lets wait and hope for the best.


  1. Nice post Sahithya :) Indeed cricket has its upper hand in our country more than any other sport. But the need for bringing up other sports for atleast as equal to Cricket, we need some media support which can be gained if there are sufficient takers for other sports. We need more domestic matches under every sport category and it must be promoted through all mediums of media. Lets hope for that change :)


Thank you so much for sharing ur thoughts...:)!!!!