Saturday, May 28

People's perception- PART1

Well i have always wondered why people fight and argue over small things.Its always the intention of being right and to make their  points to be right, that people argue so much.No one can deny this fact.When People succeed the are happy from within and when they are suppressed by others ,the problem starts with most.

There are 3 kinds of people whom i have met.

Who never bothers about anything.They just mind their own business.They neither interfere in others works  nor let anyone else inter-fear in their work.They are like the pearl inside the shell.We may speak to them and there may be interactions but the real  person will be very difficult to find out. We will be left wondering what kinda person he/she actually is.They are the ones who fall in the reserved category.

They are the ones who take all the responsibilities.They won't take rest until all the issues are solved.If someone has problems they will b in the lead to solve it without being asked for help.They are clear at heart,but they are the ones who mostly fall into trouble.The friendly nature of theirs sometimes get annoying to others who do not need their help.They are the ones who fall in the mouths of criticism

They are the ones who know when to hit the bulls eye and wen not to.They will be termed as the best people and will never be quibbled upon.

well this s all the first step in the perception of a person.Rating or judging the others


  1. You have hit the bulls eye dude.

  2. @Kinara :)

    yeah this is my perception on ppl as far as i have observed!!!:)


Thank you so much for sharing ur thoughts...:)!!!!