Thursday, August 4


The ancient Indian science of yoga is held in high esteem all over the world.We Indians are aware of it. Our ancestors the rishis and the munis discovered the ancient art of YOGA and used for the upliftment of mankind.

The human body is a treasure trove of Divine Powers.Self-realization and Salvation can be attained through it.The astounding human achievements of the present day are the direst outcome or manifestations of the inherent powers of the human body and the mind.

The human body is like a machine. When used properly , it can last for very long period of time.Those who are unaware of the power of the self, soon loose their peace.A healthy body alone can possess a healthy mind.

In order to achieve the control of the mind over our senses and thoughts we must know YOGA and KNOWLEDGE. YOGA controls passion and KNOWLEDGE makes one realise the eternal truth. thus concentration becomes possible.The first step is to attain control over the body the control over prana. thus leading to the control over mind. the process is called the HATHAYOGA.


  1. Good work :D
    Read in books that ancient sages used to do yoga or thavam for years thereby making the air as food which makes them to skip having food and water.

  2. @Nivedha Nandha Swamigal :D thank u !.. yes.. and this has been written all over in our puranas on how these rishis and munis dd this!!!


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