Saturday, August 6


     Well after reading a lot about yoga i decided to go for the YOGA classes.I thought of going for the classes thinking i would pass some time in the class as i would get to interact with many people there, but i did not believe that i would get answers to  many hidden things that we called "superstitious beliefs" . Then i believed that there are so many things that has not yet been proved by the science.


        There are notes of so many things that we do in our day to day life right from lighting the diyas in the evening to why girls keep bindis in the vedic books and the puranas. The importance of YOGA has been stated in the "BHAGAVADGEETA" as well.

       Recently when i was watching the Discovery Channel, there was a documentary that was being telecast-ed and it was about a 14 yr old guy who was in meditation for 8 months continuously without having a drop of water or food.It may not be surprising for us,as we have grown up hearing stories of rishis doing tapas for years together.But the scientists and the doctors of the west where not able to believe this fact, saying a person cannot live without drinking water for more than 4 days ccontinuously and decided to have a camera fixed near the guy who was in deep meditation and to their surprise he was in the same position for more than 5 days of recording and the team of docs and the scientists where astonished.
     This was achieved by the guy because of his intense YOGA practice .Which our science has not yet seen.There are so many evidences of such amazing things unknown to science happening which are already pre-written and for proving all those write and getting patent for those would take really long time in the future.

  P.S  In the next post i would mention about some "written- unproven Facts" that we just believe are  fake.

Location: India


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