Sunday, October 9


 Very often we talk about helping the poor and to do something for the social cause.But do we actually do anything for the society?? its a point to think isn’t it? Now many of ours are enrolling ourselves in several NGOs that help the society. and several companies also have helping programs encouraging its employees to take part in the same 

now these initiatives has helped the poor students  get the minimum education who would have been deprived of them.And there are initiatives for the old age homes too. It really gets depressing to see several mothers and fathers in their 70s and 80s who have been left alone by their children not even bothering to have a look at them once a year. It  gives them immense pleasure  when we just step into these old age homes and spend a whole day with them. It brings tears in my eyes when i think of the day when i had to go to a old age home and when the time had come to leave.
They were craving for the love and affection that they had shown for their children. So it is ultimately our duty to  to take care of our parents in their old age. After all it is their second childhood isn’t it???
lets show affection and love everybody!Lets be human!


  1. Short and strong...
    Most of us have money but not most of us have that heart to donate or help.
    my dream is to educate a kid and sponsor him/her !
    let's see :)
    thoughtful post :)

  2. @Dee........

    very true... it s really disheartening to know the increasing number of old age homes in our country where values matter the most!!

  3. Very touching post Sahi. It is indeed very painful. Good that you are one among those who offer support to needy people.
    @ Dee... Wish your dream comes true. All the best.

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