Friday, November 18

The Time Factor

        I would love to say- " Hey time all these days you were controlling me but  "THE TIME" has changed and  i will be controlling you!! :) "

        I was just pondering over how we spend everyminute in a day!!do we even realise the importance of seconds???? Lets just imagine that we have the power of freezing the time. ie. every second will be like an hour. So it is like a loooott of time for us right. What would we do if we have our days this long??? Would we make use of the extra time that we get really efficiently or just keep spinning the yarn for the extra hours too!!

   Right from the school days we keep complining that  time was not sufficient to comple that days homework or to prepare for tests or whatever work we were assigned for work. We either say "we were busy" or " no time". But what do we really do get that busy ???

       We would have heard lectures and gyans on how to manage time, or even attended workshops on Time Management. We would have also heard the famous saying that  "Winners Manage Time efficiently".
But how is that few are able to do every thing perfectly in the given time and others just lack behind giving lame excuses.???

       I know its not easy to follow a strict time table,Because it  again brings us to the starting of the discussion where Time controls us!!!..Time goes in its own pace and if we do not go along with it then we will have to run extra fast to cope up with the time. But what if Time is about to end the race and we are still at the starting point???? we really cannot cope up!!
      And time is a loner. No friends and no enemies.It does not help its friends by waiting for them to join the race nor does it punch its enemies to quit from the race.Then how do we control time???

1)  Time management is a myth. All we can actually manage is ourselves and what we do with the time that we have.

2) Tracking Daily Activities explains how to track your activities so you can form a accurate picture of what you actually do

3) Eliminate your personal time-wasters

4) Change your behaviors over time to achieve whatever general goal you've set for yourself

5) Get in the habit of setting time limits for tasks.

6) Don't waste time waiting.Always take something to do with you.Technology makes it easy to work wherever you are; your PDA and/or cell phone will help you stay connected.

 You can be in control and accomplish what you want to accomplish - once you've come to grips with the time management myth and taken control of your time.


  1. loved all the 6 points..
    We cant save time too :)

  2. yeah.... planning will sometimes be just planning!!

  3. Nice one Sahithya... I would say that Time Management is no myth, rather people assuming
    that they have figured out how to manage it is .. For time is the most relative factor in our cosmos :)!!

  4. @sriram acharyathank u !.:) nd yeah!. i wonder how ppl say they are in control of time !!!


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