Tuesday, July 3

Side Effects of continuous working…. ;);)

Side Effects of continuous working…. ;);)

I once left home to go to the market wearing my ID card

and did not realize till my friend asked me why I was

wearing it !!!!

Once I was flashing my ID card instead of unlocking the

house door with


Me and my friends went out for dinner in one of the best

restaurants. .

And as I finished.. I started walking towards the wash basin

with Plates in

my hand..


Once I was on call with my father and mom was not around.

I went on to ask, "Why is she not attending the status



I don't login to orkut, yahoo, gmail, youtube, etc..

at my personal internet connection at home...

thinking it will be blocked any way.

Till I realize - I am at home.


Yeah sometimes it does happens with me also.

keeping hands in front of tap waiting for

water to drop by itself is very frequent with me.

I just forget that we have to turn on and off the tap....


Once after talking to one of my friends

I ended the conversation saying,

" Ok case of any issues will call u back"


Sometimes when I mistakenly delete a message

from my mobile, I hope for a second, maybe it's in the

recycle bin


Once I went to a pharmacy n asked for a tab....

pharmacist asked whether I want 250mg or 500mg.....

I replied 256mb....thank god he didn't notice.


And I - after a hectic week, went to a movie. In the middle

of the movie,

when I wanted to check the time,

I kept repeatedly glancing at the bottom right corner of the


Source: Forward from a friend


  1. I agree with all of it...Bound to happen and I have used my ID Card instead of keys quite a no of times :D

  2. he he he I have done that so many times , we have to swipe our card to get into the building and there I was buying something in ASDA and put my card for paying , the lady is looking at me and I am busy typing my pin number :)

    so what should one do after all this .. I suggest a long vacationnnnnnnnnn :)


  3. @ jaish_vasts : yeah.... used it as access card at my home too.. :)

  4. @bikramjit : yeah a long vacation would help but after that falling back to the routine brings us back to this kinda phobias ...:)

  5. !@ D.Nambiar : thank u so much/.. :)


Thank you so much for sharing ur thoughts...:)!!!!