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When glass and paints are combined, they create amazing works of art. In fact, it is not very tough to do. Not only is it fun, it's easy for beginners. Glassware is available in craft stores and discount stores.

This was one of the very first techniques that i learn to paint. So here i bring to life a easy glass painting on a broken glass that i found at the loft of my home. :)

Things needed: paint 2.Tracing sheet 3.A picture of your choice

How to do?
1. Take the transparent glass  (size-your wish) and make sure it is clean.(as i used the glass that was in my loft not used for years,i had to clean it) 
2.With the help of the tracing sheet,trace a picture of your choice and keep it ready.
3.Now, keep the tracing sheet on one side of the glass,and turn the glass so that you can see the image on the other side.
4.With the help of the glass out liner(which will be available in the glass painting kit) start tracing the image on the glass.
5.Once you are done with tracing the image,l…

G- Ghiyasuddin Tughluq

Soon after his accession, Ghiyasuddin Tughluq set himself to the task of restoring administrative order by removing the abuses of the preceding regime. Ghiyasuddin ordered a strict inquiry to be made into all claims and jagirs. Unlawful grants were confiscated to the state. the little unpopularity that he incurred by this measure was soon removed by his wise liberality and beneficent measures for the welfare of his subjects. He appointed upright governors in the provinces. Agriculture, the main industry of the people in this land, received special encouragement. Canals were excavated to irrigate the fields, gardens were planted and forts were built to provide shelter.

     Reforms were introduced in other branches of administration, like justice and police, so that order and security prevailed in the country. The postal system of the country was reorganized to facilitate communications and the military department was made efficient and orderly.

     But the days of Ghiyasuddin  w…


Firoz shah was Muhammad's first cousin, the son of Ghiyasuddin's younger brother Rajab. He was trained in the art of government by his Ghiyasuddin Tugluq and Muhhammad bin Tugluq. The sudden death of Muhhammad bin Tugluq pressed the nobles to urge Firoz to ascend the throne and save the army from destruction. Firoz after some hesitation agreed to accept the thrown.

     The task before Firoz was indeed a difficult one.He was weak, vacillating and incapable of sustained efforts, and lacked the essential qualities of a good general. He made no serious attempts to recover the lost provinces of the Empire.

      But Firoz has a good record of some benevolent measures to his credit, and his long reign of about thirty-seven years was a period of comparative prosperity and happiness for the people.

     The construction of the canals contributed greatly towards the prosperity of agriculture. He has great passion of building new cities and renaming the old ones.

1. Bas…