Back to blogging

It feels like ages since i posted a blog post and it is true. So many changes have happened since the last time i posted a blog. There was a time when i totally forgot about blogging till one of my friends reminded me why i was not active in the blogging circle. Have i lost my creative touch? Have i lost the interest to blog? Don't know,But i am sure 2020 is going to be different. 
How will 2020 be different? because consciously i am going to make effort on lot of different things including blogging. There has been lot of self realization and self motivation involved in this process. I don't want to call this as my 2020 goal, but somethings to change and achieve from 2020 as i was lazy and not caring much about self care all these years. But then as every year goes by i always have this sense of sadness and anxiety for no reason. That's because i was the crying shoulder for so many people and when i wanted someone to listen to what i had to say, people where busy.
I confi…

Cafe style chalkboard decor for the Dining area under 10$

I was looking for a way to decorate the dining area of my new home.It is one of the most used spaces as people gather in the dining and the kitchen area when there is a get together or even when friends come home for 'Chai'. So i was sure, i did not want to use the watercolor or acrylic medium for the dining room wall painting as my living room is filled with watercolor  painting.

I have loved the idea of chalkboard menus in cafes and other restaurants and thought of implementing the chalkboard art in the dining area, But i did not want to paint the walls using the chalkboard paint and i had a budget to work with. I had two restrictions, i wanted to have chalkboard art big enough to cover the empty wall in my dining area and also had a budget of  20$ to do the same.

I went in search of canvas that was big enough to cover the required space, but the cost was super high. So i though of re-purposing some used canvas and went in search of old canvas in goodwill. I stumbled upon a…

Mood Boards- A welcoming and relaxing living room- part 2

Mood Boards are a great way to convey our ideas on design and fashion which can be difficult to communicate sometimes. So if there is difficulty in expressing some idea, the best way to go is creating mood boards.

What is a mood board?

"A mood board is a combination of images, texts, colors, quotes that define the mood and the style of the project". It is a tool to bring out the ideas inside our head and to present it. Mood boards come in different forms. There are also 3D mood boards that enable us to design a 3-dimensional view of a room. This is very convenient if you are planning to remodel your house.

All you have to do is use the mood boards to see how the room will look like or if the furniture that you have been dreaming to buy, suits your living room layout.

My Mood Board:  A welcoming and relaxing living room. You can check out my previous living room mood board ideas here.
I decided to do a mood board design project and decided to work on the living room. I wanted t…

Look at things different- Travel and be open to alternative

My first memory of the United States of America comes from a movie that I saw when I was in second grade. It had all the wow factors starting from the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, the Golden Gate Bridge and Disneyland. It was always a land of tall buildings and clean roads. I always heard stories about the food and people from cousins and relatives who traveled to the US. In 2016, it was my turn to travel to the USA, leaving behind my busy software job, family and my comfort zone. I landed in Columbus, Indiana, and all of a sudden I was an immigrant in this beautiful country.
I had to take a break from my career, make new friends, get adjusted in the community. I thought it was going to be a tough job. But giving up was not an option.I had to keep an open -mind. Columbus was not the city that i had seen in the movies. It was not like the places i had heard about from other people. It was when i realized not all of America looks alike. The movies show only the skyscrape…

Want to draw an Indian Version of Mario? - The Turban Mario

Have always wanted to paint a Turban man!.The colors and the beautiful patters are amazing!. So here i painted an animated Turban mario. or a desi mario as i like to call it.!
Medium: Acrylics. painted on a canvas.

DIY - How to decorate your wall on a budget

This is a super easy way to revamp your old wall decor or to bring life to the plain walls. It just took me 3 hours to do the full arrangement and the cost was 0$. No cost at all!!

Yes, Just 2 items! and all you have to do is cut the glossy magazine in the hexagonal shape. I cut around 22 hexagons from several sheets of the glossy magazines that i had.

I arranged the hexagons in a honeycomb shape. I just wanted to have the geometric pattern.

Use a tape to stick the hexagons together and pin it to the wall .

I am pleased with the output of how it looks. What do you guys think?

Dollar store hacks 4 - Change a trash bin to a storage bin

I have been doing a lot of dollar store DIYs lately,  you can find the first three hacks here, here and here. For the past 3 months i was busy with school , assignment and exams. Now that the term is over, i thought of getting back to doing some DIYs for the holiday seasons.

I was short of the nautical rope, hence had to use the burlap to get full coverage. In case you have a lit of nautical rope, u can cover the bin completely with that too.
Use the glue gun to stick the nautical rope and the burlap in place.
This is how my final product looks like and the total cost for making this was just 3$