Tuesday, May 24

3 easy ways to Re-purpose your jeans

There are several ways to re-purpose old cloths. And jeans being a sturdy material is my favorite choice for re-purposing.If you have an old jean that dose not fit you anymore, or old men's jean or new jean that your brother or father got, that does not fit them and cannot be returned, don't throw them. Just re-purpose them. Here are few things that i did with a jean.

Things needed:

2.Hot glue gun

1.Convert it into a cool travel Bermuda shorts.

All you need to do is cut the bottom of the jean to the length you want the Bermuda shorts to be.
and fold the ends to give it a casual look. you can also use a fading solution if you want the shorts to be a little faded.

2.Make a Toiletry travel bag,

Don't throw the remains of the jeans after you have made the Bermuda shorts. Convert it to a super easy, no stitch toiletry bag, that you can use when you travel.

3.Make a roll on art storage kit.

Tuesday, May 17

The Queen

Vas continued the story…Check out the previous story here written by Megha.

"Oh stop it vas, are you going to tell her the history of our land and everything on the very first day? let her take some rest, and explore our world" said deb a motherly lady who just came in with fruits and some snacks.

"I would love to hear more" protested priya, but was escorted by  nach and chi-chi to her palace.

"Please take adequate rest, you have a long day tomorrow" said chi-chi with a smirk,and nach behaved in as if priya was never in the room.

"What is going on? why am i the only person in such a huge palace? and who is deb?"

"You will know when you have to know.My orders where to escort you to your palace, and if you need anything to eat, things are in the 'kholodno' "
"oh it is the fridge in your language" said chi-chi and walked away without turning back.

lying on her bed, priya was thinking hard "How did i come here? I always wanted to travel back in time and go to the middle of the earth, i have also wanted to be a queen, but i am a definite muggle".

"Then how can i be the queen of a land where there are dragons and wizards and elves and other charecters that i have seen only in books?"

"Is this a dream"? Priya pinched herself and it hurt. "ouch.. so its definitely not a dream. "

"I am confused,scared and angry. why is no one answering to my question? i need to go home. i miss my mom"

several flashes of her reading a book,wanting to change the world, fighting with her mom, taking her bike to the marina beach, trying to save a rabbit in the beach came across. Thinking hard, priya fell asleep.

Suddenly priya woke up to the sound of some men

"tsss , ostanovit' yego ona mogla menya razbudila"

 "prinesti svet blizhe"

 She was not able to understand the language so she went closer to the window to see what was happening.

 Priya opened the window, she could recognize nach with a lantern, and saw something that made her to freeze in shock.

Handing over the batton to Gowthama Rajavelu who blogs at creatikaa.

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Friday, May 13

Art of Collecting Art

Creative arts are to be appreciated primarily or solely for their imaginative,aesthetic or intellectual content. The visual arts generally gives life to the plain canvas in an expressive, harmonious and skillful manner. A brush, and few colors can do wonders and bring life to the plain old white frame.

One painting can have several meanings, and the color used in the painting can symbolize various things to different people.once someone gets hold of it, they fall in love with the art form and becomes an addiction to collect them.Here are few ideas for first time art collectors:

Appreciate Art:
But collecting fine arts can be a nerve wracking task. what to collect,how to collect and where to collect can be the questions that can be raised for a first time collector.But frankly anyone with the inclination and appreciation for art can master this art of buying.

Have an open mind:
Doing a little bit of research before selecting and buying the art can help to bring in a lot of clarity.
There are a vast variety of art that are out for sale. So having an open mind helps to explore and discover before settling and narrowing the focus to the preferred ones.

Choose your style:
The art market is vast and hard to understand if you don't know the way around.There is original art,reproductive art and various others. one can decide to choose on a particular item or theme and select several arts in the similar way or can collect arts from  different themes and place it in a way that the sequence makes a story of its own.

Have your opinion:
Shopping for art is like shopping for cloths.There are several options available. lots of options with varying prizes. Always decide for a prize in mind and go for art shopping.

Where to find art?:
a)Art dealers and art galleries are the immediate choices that comes to most peoples mind when they think of buying an art.Interaction,communication and negotiation are the three most important aspects needed when buying from art galleries.

b)Buying directly from the artist could be the most profitable way to do both for the customer and the artist. One gets to directly interact with the artist and know about his or her next art project and the word of mouth gratitude to the artist makes a great impact.

c)Buying from the internet: social media has created a lot of impact on the artists and has made it a lot easier for the collectors to browse and buy their desired art with just a click.Instant access to the users,insight about the artist and the art,creating transparency in the art dealing and the ability to be in any part of the world to buy the art has made this very appealing. 

Here are some more tips for the budding collectors explaining some more vital tips, and the secret all the art collectors must know!.

Here are few art prints that are up for sale too!

Friday, May 6

Rudra- Lord Shiva painting(Art) in the Shiva Series

“Fire is His head, the sun and moon His eyes, space His ears, the Vedas His speech, the wind His breath, the universe His heart. From His feet the Earth has originated. Verily, He is the inner self of all beings.” 

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Rudra-Lord shiva painting- Shiva series

Monday, May 2