Monday, May 27

Sow Early, Reap later!

     Travelling is always fun. We meet different people from different walks of life, and each seem to have an unique story. Here is one such person I met in train and the story was worth sharing.

I met neha on my way to Mumbai. And she seemed to be a  bright girl from a well to do family. But after speaking to her did I come to know the real situation of her family.

Her Father was a very rich man when neha was in her school days. In her 3rd class ,When nobody knew what a pocket money was, she was given hundred rupees everyday so that she could get the stuffs that she needed. Nehas father took pride in his wealth and did not bother to save even a penny and spent lavishly. The situation at home worried Nehas mother about the future.

And when Neha reached her class 4, her class teacher told them about a scheme for students called “SANCHAYIKA“ which was introduced by the government of india as a piggy bank scheme where
students could save a little amount every year or every month,and the saved amount would be given to them when they passed out of the school.

Neha was very happy about the scheme and beaming with joy went and told her father about this and her father, did not even listen to her properly and laughed at her . That was when her mother asked her to save all her pocket money in that scheme and told that she could use the money in the future.

Few years later destiny started playing its game on nehas family, and her father steadily started losing all his wealth and was left with nothing. When neha completed her schooling with 96% and had to join engineering in the nearby city, she had to pay 1lakh rupees and her father was very upset thinking that his daughter will not be able to join the course that she deserved because of the lack of money.

It was then the money that she had saved in the “SANCHAYIKA“ scheme came to her rescue and her school gave her 1.5 lakh rupees along with her mark sheet. Nehas father was proud of his daughter for what she had done when she was a kid and also for teaching him the lesson of saving.

                               “one who sows the seed early ,reaps the fruit later”

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Friday, May 17

My Gourmet Party-village in town!

   Hosting  a party for  friends and family,is always fun and adding a theme to the party is like the special garnish. I have loved theme parties and have always thought of organising one, and my theme would be villages in India, which would revive the long forgotten traditions and culinary secrets of the Indian culture and heritage


The party hall must be designed to give an authentic Indian feel.I would love to include a palm reading or Kili josiyam(parrot predicting the future), and there must be strict dress code i.e. dresses worn in the villages of India. When we can dress up for the Halloween why not for a themed party. Let us be Desi gals and guys! :)
Village means dance and music and puppet shows.There could be Desi DJs, showing their skills in the folk songs.There will also be traditional Indian games.

It would be so much fun to be dressed up in the Indian avatar and play the traditional games which our grand mothers had played with the folk music in the back drop and the ambiance that of the village.It would definitely be a time turner that would take us all back to the calm and the happy village days.


  Arranging the hall for this theme would be the easiest."Colourful" is the key word. the antique material would add a touch of nostalgic feel to the party.Lanterns,big kites,lamps,diyas can be used. We can also use some movie posters and also posters of some famous movie punch dialogues.kolams and rangolies can be used for the decoration as well.Some colorful pots and also the big black umbrellas can also be used for decoration!! Let the imagination go wild. think and dream about the village ambiance and that can be implemented for the decoration purpose.


What is a party without the delicious food. And in the themed party the Desi Indian food served in the traditional utensils is amazing isn't it?
to Begin the gastronomic experience of the Indian food,it is important to select the dishes, and prepare it in the most authentic way!? Now this is the tricky part right!?? Here comes the rescuer "the kitchens of India"."

"Kitchens of India brings gives a wide range of Ready to Eat dishes and desserts, giving a gourmet meal in the comfort of the home - just Heat and Eat ! Each of these recipes have been crafted by the Masterchefs of ITC hotels, from royal recipes guarded closely over the ages. We can also choose from exotic chutneys and conserves to add the perfect twist to any meal. " - Easy isn't it??

I will prepare the dal bukhara, rajma,pindi kurma,palak panner or navratna kurma. for the side dish and for the main course hydrabadi dum biriyani or kashmiri pulao would be great!

Palak Paneer With Naan and Pindi Chana
A scrumptious meal of Wheat Flatbread served with a delicious combination of Spinach & Cottage Cheese Curry & Chick Peas would be yumm!!
Mutter Paneer With Basmati Rice , Naan and Pindi Chana
or the  distinctive meal of Wheat Flatbread and Basmati Rice served with Green Peas and Cottage Cheese Curry & Chick Peas Curry


What is a party without the snacks!? samosas and aloo tikki and some yummy south indian snacks like the dhosas and bondas would be the best options.!! and all these could be made in a jiffy!!

Authentic Indian desserts are the perfect way to turn any occasion into a celebration, a grand finale to a perfect meal.Jodhpuri Moong Dal Halwa, Hazoori Petha Halwa ,payasam (kheer) would let us in reliving the royal experiences in the comfort of home in my Party :)

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Monday, May 13

List of English movies- Part3

 Here is the thirs part of the List of english movies. and this one is for thiose who love watching old ,classic english movies. watch them and enjoy!..:)

1.One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest(1975)

2.Citizen Kane(1941)


4.GodfatherThe Godfather(1972)

5.Gone with the Wind(1939)

6.Lawrence of Arabia(1962)

7.WizardThe Wizard of Oz(1939)

8.GraduateThe Graduate(1967)

9.On the Waterfront(1954)

10.Schindler's List(1993)

11.Singin' in the Rain(1952)

12.It's a Wonderful Life(1946)

13.Sunset Boulevard(1950)

14.The Bridge on the River Kwai(1957)

15.Some Like It Hot(1959)

16.Star Wars(1977)

17.All About Eve(1950)

18.The African Queen(1951)



Thursday, May 2

List Of English Movies-Part 2

    Here is the second part of the movie list!.. For those who have missed the first part. HERE it is!

21.Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade(1989)
Director:Steven Spielberg
Genres :action, adventure

22.True Romance(1993)
Director:Tony Scott
Genres :crime, romance, thriller

Director:Guy Hamilton
Genres :action, adventure, thriller

24.Scott Pilgrim vs. the World(2010)
Director:Edgar Wright
Genres :action, comedy, fantasy, romance

25.The Adventures of Robin Hood(1938)
Director:Michael Curtiz, William Keighley
Genres :action, adventure, family, romance

26.Beverly Hills Cop(1984)
Director:Martin Brest
Genres :action, comedy, crime, drama, thriller

27.Casino Royale(2006)
Director:Martin Campbell
Genres :action, adventure, crime, thriller

28.Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon(2000)
Director:Ang Lee
Genres :action, adventure, drama, fantasy, romance

29.The Expendables(2010)
Director:Sylvester Stallone
Genres :action, adventure, thriller

Director:John Woo
Genres :action, crime, thriller

31.First Blood(1982)
Director:Ted Kotcheff
Genres :action, adventure, drama, thriller

32.The Fugitive(1993)
Director:Andrew Davis
Genres :action, adventure, crime, mystery, thrille

33.Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom(1984)
Director:Steven Spielberg
Genres :action, adventure

34.The Italian Job(1969)
Director:Peter Collinson
Genres :action, comedy, crime, thriller

35.Lawrence of Arabia(1962)
Director:David Lean
Genres :adventure, biography, drama, history, war

36.Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl(2003)
Director:Gore Verbinski
Genres :action, adventure, fantasy

Director:Sylvester Stallone
Genres :action, thriller, war

39.Run Lola Run(1998)
Director:Tom Tykwer
Genres :crime, thriller

Director:Louis Leterrier
Genres :action, crime, drama, thriller

41.Lethal Weapon(1987)
Director:Richard Donner
Genres :action, crime, thriller