Sunday, December 7

Safety Begins with me/ US

Do we know there is a national road safety week that is celebrated every year?
Yes, it is from 4th to 10th of March every year which is considered to be National road safety week .

But why do we celebrate a week dedicated for national road safety? Why do we need an awareness campaign for something that has to come to us from within? SAFETY, isn't it the very first thing that we do generally? But do we take care of the safety of the other person who walks on the road?

India owns the world record for the number of deaths involved in road accidents.
Is it really tough to control such road accidents in India?

 Yes it is as most motorists do not obey the traffic rules.

Well we need to teach the motorists what red, green and amber stands for again. They are not just beautiful colors that are on display on the roads. And if it is a digital signal people wait for 50 seconds but cant wait for the next 10 seconds, they tend to realize the importance of time only in the signal.
It is not the place to know the importance of time. It is a place to follow the rules.

Do we know there is something called a zebra crossing? 

Well it is not a place where zebras cross, It is the place where pedestrians are supposed to cross the road when the signal is meant for people to cross. But who cares? We just need to reach the other side as quickly as possible. And we become traffic police for a second, where we just ask the speeding car and lorry to stop, so that we can cross or even worse, we just run, jump , dive, to reach the other side.!

Why take risk on the main road? Lets try to find the pedestrian crossing and cross the road.

We share the roads not only with cars, buses and mopeds but also with dogs and cows.

Well main roads are not the place where the cows can be let to graze! this is one of the most important reason for an accident to occur. We try to save the animals life by putting ours in danger!

Lets not let out the cows on the main road for grazing!

Do we know we follow the drive left rule?

I have seen most cars /bicycle/mopeds  just drive in any direction they want ,leading to a total confusion on the road. We always drive to the left. Not as we wish or in the middle of teh road.

So always drive left.

Lets not Start honking as soon as the signal turns red. Honking is not going to bring the green signal soon. If its a 60 sec signal, Lets wait for full 60 seconds, and try to follow the honking standards.

Lets try to know few of the traffic and road signs before we start driving. We are supposed to give a test regarding the road safety and rules before we get our driving licence, but no one cares about this as the test is not taken seriously . Lets make it a point to know the rules and symbols.

Small changes that we do in following rules brings in a drastic difference overall.!!

 In the company that I work for we were asked to take a Safety pledge and here I am sharing the pledge with everyone here so that we do something on our part to prevent the Road accidents. 

“On this day I solemnly affirm that
I will dedicate myself to the cause of safety,
Health and protection of environment and will do
My best to observe rules, regulations, guidelines
                                           And habits conducive for achieving these objectives 

I shall not drink and drive,
will wear the seat belt and follow the signal
will abide by the speed limit,and never text and drive
and do regular emission check ups!

I fully realize that accidents and diseases are a drain
On the national economy and may lead to
Disablement deaths, harm to health and damage
To property, social suffering and general

Degradation of environment.
I will do everything possible for the prevention of
Accidents and occupational diseases and
Protection of environment in the interest of self,
Family, community, organization and the nation at large".

This blog pot is written as a part of The Nissan Safety Driving Forum.

Image source: Google.

Monday, December 1

Door Painting

I wanted to change the look of my room.The first thing that we do to change the way our room looks is think about changing the paint color. Yes, a fresh coat of paint brings in a lot of change and freshness to the room. But what if I need to change the look within a budget?

That's exactly what I wanted. Hence I changed the position of the bed and the dressing table. I had a lot of empty wall space. Hence i decided to hang some paintings. Check out the idea for paintings here 

I found the room a lot bright and fresh. There was one small thing that kept staring at me blank. The room door. It felt a lot empty. So I thought why not paint it.

Here is how the door looks now !!

@sahithya sridhar

@sahithya sridhar

Wednesday, November 19

Swachh Bharat- Imaginary PM letter

Dear People,

Swachh Bharat aims to accomplish the vision of 'Clean India' by 2 October 2019. I want the streets, roads and infrastructure of the country to be clean.It is India's biggest ever cleanliness drive and 3 million government employees and schools and colleges students of India participated in this event. I am really glad about the way every person has taken this campaign seriously and the phase with which it is moving.

But my social sources have reported to me that, there is an issue with the initiative. People in the spirit to clean their locality and keep it neat are dumping the waste collected from their area in the nearby locality. Hence the overall cleanliness ratio of the area still remains the same. Dumping the waste collected in open area or a barren land is not correct.

When a person sees a waste bag in a open land, instead of picking it up and disposing it in the proper place, uses that as a dumping ground for all the waste of the locality.Later when the area starts smelling of rotten vegetables and serves as breeding ground for mosquitoes, do they realise the major issue of waste managent and raise their concers to the government. 

It has to be kept in mind that , to make the campaign a really effective one, Along with Cleaning the area , disposing the waste in the proper way should also be kept in mind to accomplish the vision of 'Clean India'.

                                                         Bharat Mata ki Jai

Wednesday, October 29


Mahendravarman I (reigned c. 600–630) contributed to the greatness of the Pallava dynasty. Some of the most ornate monuments at Mamallapuram, especially those dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva, were constructed under his rule (though born a Jain, Mahendravarman converted to Shaivism). He was a great patron of art and architecture and is known for introducing a new style to Dravidian.

 He bore many titles like Chatrumalla, Gunabhara, Vichitrachitta, Mattavilasa, Avanibhajana, Sankirnajati, each one having a specific relation to one of his qualities or aptitudes. He bore even the uncomplimentary title of Kalahapriya

As a Śaivite convert, he did much to support the resurgence of Hinduism in south India after a long period of the religion’s being eclipsed by the popularity of Jainism and Buddhism. In his inscriptions, the king refers to himself as Cettakāri (temple builder), and in that respect, he was a pioneer in the creation of stone architecture in south India. Another of his names, Chittrakārapulli (tiger among painters), attests to his ability as an artist. Mahendravarman I was known as a great patron of all the arts; he was known also as a famous musician who wrote a treatise on music.

Mahendravarman I was interested not only in the building of the temples but also in secular engineering structures. He built many towns called Mahendramangalam or Mahendravadi and he dug a tank at Mamandur called Chitramegha Tatakam. It was clearly in his period that the tempo of the Bhakti movement in the Tamil country increased













Virakurcha  (215 CE)
Skandavarman I  (240 CE)
Kumarvishnu I  (240 CE)
Buddhavarman I (265 CE)
Skandavarman II (290 CE)
Kumarvishnu II (315 CE)
Vishnugopa I (340 CE)
Skandavarman III (365 CE)
Viravarman (390 CE)
Skandavarman IV  (403 CE)
Yuva-maharaja Vishnugopa (never reigned as a king)
Simhavarman I  (436-477 CE)
Skandavarman V  (477 CE)             Vishnugopa II
Nandivarman I (502 CE)
Simhavarman II  (527 CE)
Simhavishnu  (550-580 CE)                                          Bhimavarman
|                                                                                                  |
Mahendravarman I (580-629 CE)                              Buddhavarman
|                                                                                                  |
Narasimhavarman I (629-668 CE)                           Adityavarman
|                                                                                                   |
Mahendravarman II  (668-670 CE)                            Govindavarman
|                                                                                                   |
Parameshvaravarman I (670-690 CE)                    Hiranyavarman
|                                                                                                   |
|                                                                                                   |
Mahendravarman III  (720-728 CE)                                       |
|                                                                                                   |
Parameshvaravarman II  (728-731 CE)                                 |
Dantivarman  (796-847 CE)
Nandivarman III (847-863 CE)
Nrpatungavarman (815) (863-904 CE)   Kampavarman (863-895 CE)
Aparajitavarman  (890-908 CE)

Narasimhavarman II (690-728 CE)                                       |
Nandivarman II  (731-796 CE)

Britanica encyclopedia

Thursday, October 9

STALKING syndrome

     Everyone likes the attention being given to them and their work being appreciated and noticed. But when that attention becomes unwanted or obsessive by an individual or group toward another person, it becomes Stalking.

Cyber stalking has become very common these days. Many social networking sites like Facebook and twitter has made this much easier. And worst nightmare for the cyber stalker is when the “add friend” or the “like” button is accidentally pressed. One best thing that the good old “ORKUT” had was the names of those who visited the profiles.

Stalking or the intense research of an individual becomes creepy when you see someone showing up in your home, send unwanted text messages, and wait at places you hang out or just follow you in bike.

One thing that the stalkers wiz at is STARING. One can feel them scan you and look through you which definitely gives an uneasy feel. The speciality of these people is they just don’t stare from one angle, they keep gazing, gawking, gaping from all the angles.

When a girl rides a bike or drives a car, is it so amusing that few gawkers,even after overtaking the bike/car literally turn 180 degree and stares at you?

Even better, some people just over take you, go some 10 feet forward and just stop, till you arrive at the place and again start chasing!

I so wish there was some key like in road rash , where we could just punch or push those who keep disturbing your ride.

In 2013, Indian Parliament made amendments to the Indian Penal Code, introducing stalking as an criminal offence. Stalking has been defined as a man following or contacting a woman, despite clear indication of disinterest by the woman, or monitoring her use of the Internet or electronic communication. A man committing the offence of stalking would be liable for imprisonment up to three years for the first offence, and shall also be liable to fine and for any subsequent conviction would be liable for imprisonment up to five years and with fine.- Wiki

If someone is being stalked it becomes traumatic. If in danger it is always better to report to the police. Remember to save important evidences like messages, emails (if it is cyber stalk) or note down time , place and date . Always let the family and friends know about this and stay safe.

Tuesday, October 7

Mangalsutra (a) Taali in Marriage

  The big Fat Indian wedding is often an important part of every family.Marriages are filled with rituals and celebrations that continue for several days.The traditional Indian wedding is about two families being brought together Socially. Lakhs are spent on the wedding again to show the social status. For those who are wealthy there is no issue, but the problem arises for the middle class families.

  The average cost of an Indian wedding from the brides side is somewhere between 10 to 20 lakhs. Its fun to attend others wedding, but when it comes to our own family we realise  what a burden it is. There is again a social pressure here. Even in this century where the girl is as equally educated as the guy is, the marriage expenditure has to be taken up by the brides family. How is this right? Why cant the bridegroom share half the cost?

 I cant believe people are still ready to give dowry for girls who are well educated and earning more than the bridegroom. Why? because the girl is over the age  prescribed as the "marriage age". Cant a girl be independent? wont a girl have her own dreams and ambitions? Is getting married her only GOAL in life? Again the Social pressure plays its trick here.

Wearing Mangalsutra or Tali is a must for married Indian women. Societies taboo female not wearing Mangalsutra or Taali. But why? Isn't it her own wish to wear it ?

 In the olden days  married women wore Taali or Mangalsutra and men wore toe rings as the girls were never allowed to walk with her head held up high, thus it was believed when she sees a man wearing a toe ring she will know that he is married and would not try and court him or make any advancements. 

  I have never seen a man wear toe rings after marriage or there is not custom during the marriage ceremony where the bridegroom is made to wear the toe ring. So This is never spoken about or never becomes a taboo. But When it comes to a women why is that the whole society makes it an issue ??

 I understand the scientific importance of metti and tali. 

"Wearing toe ring to the second toe has sexual/erotic effect.The reflexology texts also mention about treating gynecological problems by massaging the second toe.There is also a belief that the wearing of toe rings press on certain nerves that pertain to the reproductive system, keeping it in balance and healthy.Ancient Ayurvedic medicine has long been used along side acupressure.Indians believe that your "prana" or "life force" must be in balance in order for you to stay healthy. All of the paths of your "prana" run down to your toes, so the idea that a marital symbol could double up as a reproductive enhancer is not a big stretch.By wearing this in both feet, it is believed, that their menstrual cycle course is regularized with even intervals. This gives good scope for conceiving to married women.Also it is said just because that particular nerve in the second finger from toe, also connects the uterus and passes through heart. Because of this, the constant friction caused while walking and doing all sorts of chores during a day, it revitalizes the productivity organs.As Silver being a good conductor, it also absorbs the energy from the polar energies from the earth and passes it to the body, thus refreshing whole body system." ---hindutraditionandculture

But the problem here is Why is it forced only on women? and someone who really wants to know the reason for all there "Social" pressure is termed gabby and no one dares to give the correct answer?

Mangalsutra or Tali is a sacred thread of love and goodwill . Agreed that loads of pujas are done and it brings in a positive vibe, but why is it frowned on and vetoed?? I really fail to understand.

Beacuse there is no explanation given to all these age old customs, We are loosing many traditions and they are being labelled as "Myths". I am a strong believer of science and non-duality and have always believed that tradition and science go hand in hand. In this generation where everyone demands a satisfying answer, if we are not ready to give them the reason behind these customs, i fear we may loose them for ever.

But on everything There is just a social pressure and a fake social painting that has been blown up and framed.

Image Source: google.

Friday, September 26

Office Stress!

   The topic may seem very familiar to few as they might have experienced it! and for others they must have heard their friends colleagues crib about the stress in their office and office politics. I just wanted to vent out my anger, frustration, the urge to punch few peoples face through my blog!.

   I do not want to blame the company that I work for as I have seen so many awesome people and also great projects where their managers/Sr managers are so understanding and yes, most importantly the work culture and work life balance is well maintained.

   The major problem is with my project. Hell ya, I don't even want to think about that. I would say i was trapped into the project. When my previous project got over I had to be in bench for 2 weeks and a Sr manager called up and said there was a project (in a location that I wanted to be in badly) which had great scope and loads of learning opportunity( not my skill set). And the duration was for just 3 months.  As i dint want to be in bench i fell for the trap.

    And here i am writing this post about how frustrated and irritated I am to be in that project.  I joined this project last august and right from the week that i joined they have been asking us to come on  all weekends, and the project is no where near completion till this date and god knows when it will be over.And every week a fight has to be fought for getting an off on Saturdays/Sundays and all in vain.

  Its been ages since I went out, socialised with my friends, or even saw anew movie. And worst did I gain anything being in this project? Absolutely NONE.
was there learning ? NO.

  Well for others it may be "THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY" but for me it is "OH MY GOD IT IS FRIDAY" , as every Friday we get a mail to work on weekends. The only conversation that we have with our manager during our regular call:

manager: Do u have any issue/concerns??
Team: we cannot come on Saturday.
manager: I am sorry , you people have to come. Just few more days till the project gets over.

REALLY?  I have a life dude!!!   The MOM satellite will come back and it will also be proved that there are aliens in the alpha X11 solar system, but this project will never get over.

And there is no recognition or even appreciation. I just feel like we are being treated like slaves. or even worst! We fight , get off on one weekend and the following Monday we get a mail " since you people were free the previous weekend, all of you are expected to work this weekend"

REALLY??? I thought weekends were off!!! and how about paying us 6th day allowance or at-least comp off??? or at least provide a cab and food?? I wonder if these guys even know if all such things are available.

I so wish I could be a rebel and just say to them all that I feel!.There is a saturation level for everything and one cant keep pushing the limits!!. So I have decided And working on weekends I don't care any more!!.

                                                            live and let live.!!!

P.S: Just wanted to vent out my anger. Did not care about spelling mistakes or grammar!

Wednesday, September 24

L- Liaka Kusulaka

   Liaka Kusulaka was an Indo-Scythian satrap (Satrap was the name given to the governors of the provinces of the ancient Median and Achaemenid (Persian) Empires and in several of their successors, such as the Sasanian Empire and the Hellenistic empires.) of the area of Chukhsa in the northwestern South Asia  i.e. probably present Chachh, immediately west of Taxila. during the 1st century BCE.

He was the satrap of the great king of Moga and that patika, his son was great gift lord ( Mahadanapathi)

He minted coins which are direct imitations of the coins of Eucratides (King's head and Dioscuri), with his name inscribed "ΛΙΑΚΟ ΚΟΖΟΥΛΟ". These coins are imitations of those of Eucratides, but we are more justified to draw chronological conclusions from this fact than in the case of Maues

The coins of Liaka Kusulaka show the transition of the district they belong ie. part of eastern Gandhara.

The Greek spelling shows that the actual sound was kuzūla, and this kuzūla is possibly the name of a family, as suggested by Professor Lüders, in which case the Kuzūlas must have belonged to the larger group of the Kshaharātas.
The name "Κοζουλο" was also used by the first Kushan ruler Kujula Kadphises (Greek: Κοζουλου Καδφιζου, Kozoulou Kadphizou or Κοζολα Καδαφες, Kozola Kadaphes), which may suggest some family connection.

Taxila Copper Plate as displayed in the British Museum

wiki page

Foreign Influence on Ancient India

 By Krishna Chandra Sagar

Tuesday, September 16

Popular movie quotes

An Awesome movie always has awesome dialogues, and few such dialogues we would like to use it in our normal conversation too. Here are few such dialogues/quotes that I just love:

1.  "I have come here to chew bubble gum and kick ass. And I'm all out of bubble gum."
in They Live (1988)

2."You know you don't have to act with me, Steve. You don't have to say anything, and you don't have to do anything. Not a thing. Oh, maybe just whistle. You know how to whistle, don't you, Steve? You just put your lips together - and blow."

in To Have and Have Not (1944) 

3. "Gentlemen, you can't fight in here. This is the War Room!"
in Dr. Strangelove or:... (1964)

4."Stand up. Your father's passing."
 in To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)

6."It's not the years, honey. It's the mileage."
in Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

7."Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." 
in The Princess Bride (1987)

8."Oh, for goodness' sakes, get down off that crucifix. Someone needs the wood."
 in The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (1994)

9. "And one day, not long from now, my looks will go. They will discover I can't act, and I will become some sad middle-aged woman who looks a bit like someone who was famous for a while."
 in Notting Hill (1999)

10."No, I'm all man. I even fought in WWII. Of course, I was wearing women's undergarments under my uniform."
in Ed Wood (1994)

11."When I first saw you, I thought you were handsome. Then, of course, you spoke."
in As Good As It Gets (1997)

12."I could dance with you till the cows come home...On second thought, I'd rather dance with the cows when you came home."
in  Duck Soup (1933)

13."Just when I think you couldn't possibly be any dumber, you go and do somethin' like this -- and totally redeem yourself! Ha Ha!"
in (Dumb & Dumber (1994)

14."To you, I'm an atheist; to God, I'm the loyal opposition."
in stardust memories(1980)
15. "If you guys were the inventors of Facebook, you'd have invented Facebook."
in the social network(2010)

16. "You shoot me in a dream, you better wake up and apologise."
in reservoir dogs(1990)

Thursday, August 28

Terry Fox- Pencil shading

Terrance Stanley "Terry" Fox CC OD (July 28, 1958 – June 28, 1981) was a Canadian athlete, humanitarian, and cancer research activist. In 1980, with one leg having been amputated, he embarked on a cross-Canada run to raise money and awareness for cancer research. Although the spread of his cancer eventually forced him to end his quest after 143 days and 5,373 kilometres (3,339 mi), and ultimately cost him his life, his efforts resulted in a lasting, worldwide legacy. The annual Terry Fox Run, first held in 1981, has grown to involve millions of participants in over 60 countries and is now the world's largest one-day fundraiser for cancer research; over C$600 million has been raised in his name
Source: wiki

Friday, August 22


I know you are not perfect,
But we are definitely connected!

You are a major cultural, economic and educational centre
That makes us awe you with splendour!

You are the Gateway to South India,
which is as colourful as Zinnia!

Thousands of people gathered on the beautiful Marina beach
Some came to listen while others came to preach

One of Chennai's biggest assets is its people,
infectiously enthusiastic about their home town.

They won't hit you with a lot of hustle and hassle,
and they will mostly treat you as a guest rather than a Puzzle!!.

Happy Bday Madras!!! :)

My small contribution on this Madras Day!!!
Image: google

Thursday, August 14

K-Karna, The unsung Hero

     Born to the sun god and a princess, he was destined to rule the world. But as luck would have, his life was marred with inhuman struggle and tests. Throughout his life time he was humiliated as he was known to be the son of a chariot driver. He was second to none in all the qualities associated with royal princes

    In the Battle of mahabharatha,  Karna and Arjuna came face to face and the battle began in earnest!!!!!!Each was Master of his craft and all those around stopped to watch---so over-awed were they by the ferocity and the prowess of both the Warriors.While Krishna's dexterity as a charioteer saved Arjuna many a time,Karna lost his charioteer to an arrow struck by Arjuna.The thick muddy slush of the Battlefield created by the ferocious destruction of Man and Animal held Karna's chariot captive.Karna jumped out to free his chariot ,but it was badly stuck and was sinking deeper and deeper in the muddy slush it was then Krishna asked Arjuna to continue the battle. Karna remembered the curse of the Brahmana ,he like the dying Cow was rooted in the muddy slush!

Krishna immediately stopped the chariot and jumped out and cradled Karna's head on his lap.He asked about Karna's dying wishes there was only one.Karna asked that his last rites be performed on barren land so that all his unfulfilled wishes and dreams should not come back to haunt any future generations and that his cursed soul should attain "Moksha"(Salvation)

Karna remains a tragic figure for millions of Hindus and Indians to this day. He remains a brave hero, a courageous spirit who braved impossible odds in his whole life, and died with terrific courage, valor and honor, to rise to immortality in fame. He is especially famous for his generosity. He is also an example of misjudgment and how that renders all the fine qualities of an individual futile.