Friday, September 26

Office Stress!

   The topic may seem very familiar to few as they might have experienced it! and for others they must have heard their friends colleagues crib about the stress in their office and office politics. I just wanted to vent out my anger, frustration, the urge to punch few peoples face through my blog!.

   I do not want to blame the company that I work for as I have seen so many awesome people and also great projects where their managers/Sr managers are so understanding and yes, most importantly the work culture and work life balance is well maintained.

   The major problem is with my project. Hell ya, I don't even want to think about that. I would say i was trapped into the project. When my previous project got over I had to be in bench for 2 weeks and a Sr manager called up and said there was a project (in a location that I wanted to be in badly) which had great scope and loads of learning opportunity( not my skill set). And the duration was for just 3 months.  As i dint want to be in bench i fell for the trap.

    And here i am writing this post about how frustrated and irritated I am to be in that project.  I joined this project last august and right from the week that i joined they have been asking us to come on  all weekends, and the project is no where near completion till this date and god knows when it will be over.And every week a fight has to be fought for getting an off on Saturdays/Sundays and all in vain.

  Its been ages since I went out, socialised with my friends, or even saw anew movie. And worst did I gain anything being in this project? Absolutely NONE.
was there learning ? NO.

  Well for others it may be "THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY" but for me it is "OH MY GOD IT IS FRIDAY" , as every Friday we get a mail to work on weekends. The only conversation that we have with our manager during our regular call:

manager: Do u have any issue/concerns??
Team: we cannot come on Saturday.
manager: I am sorry , you people have to come. Just few more days till the project gets over.

REALLY?  I have a life dude!!!   The MOM satellite will come back and it will also be proved that there are aliens in the alpha X11 solar system, but this project will never get over.

And there is no recognition or even appreciation. I just feel like we are being treated like slaves. or even worst! We fight , get off on one weekend and the following Monday we get a mail " since you people were free the previous weekend, all of you are expected to work this weekend"

REALLY??? I thought weekends were off!!! and how about paying us 6th day allowance or at-least comp off??? or at least provide a cab and food?? I wonder if these guys even know if all such things are available.

I so wish I could be a rebel and just say to them all that I feel!.There is a saturation level for everything and one cant keep pushing the limits!!. So I have decided And working on weekends I don't care any more!!.

                                                            live and let live.!!!

P.S: Just wanted to vent out my anger. Did not care about spelling mistakes or grammar!


  1. Aww! I really empathize with you for I have experienced similar situation in my previous job. I am so happy now that I have switched. I hope things change for you, of course, for better.
    All the best!

  2. It is time that people REBEL against such stupid traditions which Indians/Asians have created in the corporate culture worldwide.


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