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Who am I ?

I am a little reserved because of my weight and I am not found everywhere
I live below the sand, and they mine to get me and my family out
All my family ever mined will fit the average size living room
I live in Africa and all my other relatives live in Russia,
My mother tongue is Spanish and my nick name is “small silver”
I guard and secure the diamonds
Who am I ??

I am complete ,pure and perfect
The meaning of my color is innocence, wholeness, and completion
I am blessed with the color of new beginning,
Equality ,fairness ,neutrality  and impartiality is the identity of my color
Thus I am used in weddings and happy times,
My color is white and who am I?

The day i found you, 
     The day i realized you are trulymeant for me,
     Million stars lit up the dark,
     like the diamonds in the sky

     You are the brightest, i cannot deny
     like the  diamond held tightly in the ring
     love bonds are meant to last long
     a love so pure. a love so true
     a love that makes me come to you

     You ar…