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When i hear the word "SCHOOL" it makes me realize how much i miss it. Few days back when i was coming back from office ,i  saw a group of school students rushing back to the railway station to board the train,.Everything about them was nostalgic.The uniform, the shoes, the ribbon, the secret crush, the way they shared a pack of lays, the way they spoke, exam tensions, the discussion of who will top the exam , the assembly programs, the punishments, the cycle ride, getting late to the assembly, scolding from PT sir,the task of writing on the display boards, monitoring the class,mass drills and everything just came down the memory lane.

          March used to be the most anxious month, waiting for the exams to get over and go for a long holiday with family and friends.Group outing was a big no no till class 9. There always had to be an elder to accompany.I remember the first time when we went for the group outing without anyone accompanying us. It was to the good o…