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Safety Begins with me/ US

Do we know there is a national road safety week that is celebrated every year? Yes, it is from 4th to 10th of March every year which is considered to be National road safety week .
But why do we celebrate a week dedicated for national road safety? Why do we need an awareness campaign for something that has to come to us from within? SAFETY, isn't it the very first thing that we do generally? But do we take care of the safety of the other person who walks on the road?
India owns the world record for the number of deaths involved in road accidents. Is it really tough to control such road accidents in India?

 Yes it is as most motorists do not obey the traffic rules.
Well we need to teach the motorists what red, green and amber stands for again. They are not just beautiful colors that are on display on the roads. And if it is a digital signal people wait for 50 seconds but cant wait for the next 10 seconds, they tend to realize the importance of time only in the signal. It is not the place …

Door Painting

I wanted to change the look of my room.The first thing that we do to change the way our room looks is think about changing the paint color. Yes, a fresh coat of paint brings in a lot of change and freshness to the room. But what if I need to change the look within a budget?

That's exactly what I wanted. Hence I changed the position of the bed and the dressing table. I had a lot of empty wall space. Hence i decided to hang some paintings. Check out the idea for paintings here 

I found the room a lot bright and fresh. There was one small thing that kept staring at me blank. The room door. It felt a lot empty. So I thought why not paint it.

Here is how the door looks now !!