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In the previous post story of madras-1 we saw the history of few places and famous temples in the city. Madras too has its share of beautiful buildings,whose origins are part of the story of Madras.
1.YWCA:   The YWCA was once a bungalow which belonged to Edward Clive,son of Robert Clive.

2.The Madras railway company,1845,was the first railway line in the south,linking madras with Arcot.The station was built in 1873 and took its present form- The Madras central station in 1900.

3.The Madras museum on Pantheon Road has among the best exhibits of bronze and stone sculpture.A lovely old theater in the garden as well as the  Connemara Public Library which is one of the largest libraries,opened in 1896.

4.Ripon building is named after the British Viceroy,Lord Ripon, who created the first Corporation of Madras in 1681.It was built in 1913