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DIY - How to decorate your wall on a budget

This is a super easy way to revamp your old wall decor or to bring life to the plain walls. It just took me 3 hours to do the full arrangement and the cost was 0$. No cost at all!!

Yes, Just 2 items! and all you have to do is cut the glossy magazine in the hexagonal shape. I cut around 22 hexagons from several sheets of the glossy magazines that i had.

I arranged the hexagons in a honeycomb shape. I just wanted to have the geometric pattern.

Use a tape to stick the hexagons together and pin it to the wall .

I am pleased with the output of how it looks. What do you guys think?

Dollar store hacks 4 - Change a trash bin to a storage bin

I have been doing a lot of dollar store DIYs lately,  you can find the first three hacks here, here and here. For the past 3 months i was busy with school , assignment and exams. Now that the term is over, i thought of getting back to doing some DIYs for the holiday seasons.

I was short of the nautical rope, hence had to use the burlap to get full coverage. In case you have a lit of nautical rope, u can cover the bin completely with that too.
Use the glue gun to stick the nautical rope and the burlap in place.
This is how my final product looks like and the total cost for making this was just 3$

Lazy days!

I like getting up at 11 Am, I like my messy hair, I like my over sized shirt, I like my freckles, I like cancelled plans, I like drinking plain milk, I like to sit and watch cooking shows and not cook, and then i am called lazy!
There is nothing wrong with being lazy sometimes .