Tuesday, March 28

The Seven Myths Of Being A Travel Writer

The dream for many writers is to travel the world. After all, writing is one of the most portable professions in the world. Why not combine it with your desire to get away? If you've ever considered, you may well have heard of the following seven myths. Here's why they aren't true, and how you can achieve your goals.

1. You can't balance travel and writing
This is very much dependent on the individual. Some people struggle to manage their time, and so find themselves ignoring work in favour of enjoying themselves, or missing the sights because they're so busy working. If you can balance your time, though, it's easy to do both. It sure beats working in a bar or as a tour guide if you're traveling for an extended period.

2. You can't work overseas
Yes, you absolutely can. It's easier than ever to make money when you're working abroad, thanks to the internet. All you have to do is make sure you have the right working visa for the country you're going to. It's completely possible as long as you plan properly.

3. You won't earn enough travel writing
Many people say that you can't make enough writing online in order to fund your travels, but that just isn't true. You can, with a little bit of planning. Michael King, a writer with UK Writings, was able to make enough for his travels. He was earning $9 per hour writing with them and saved $14,000 for his trip before he even left his own country. 'It was definitely worth it, and it was paying better than most minimum wage jobs' he says. He also states that there are plenty of ways to earn for your travels.

As you can see, travel writing is indeed doable, and much easier than you'd think. Take these tips and busted myths to heart, and you'll be able to fund your travels with your talents, no problem.

4. The destination is the only thing you can write about
If you're traveling, you may think that you must write about where you're traveling to. Says who? Our planet is a pretty thoroughly explored place at this point, and we've explored just about everything. Instead, mix it up. Talk about the process of traveling itself. Pick a niche that no one else has talked about.

5. You must write long stories about your travels
You may feel as though you must write long and involved stories about your travels. In fact, internet readers often don't have the patience to listen to what you have to say. Online readers are known to stop reading much more quickly than they would if your text was in print. They want answers about the place you're visiting, and they don't want you to beat around the bush. Keep your writing short and succinct. Give the reader what they came for.

 6. You can only write about your actual travels
There's no reason why your travels have to dictate what you write about. Of course, if you're jetting off to exciting climes, then why not write about what you're seeing on the way? If you have wi-fi access, though, there's no reason why you can't write about anything else at all. For example, writer Harry Pool used to be a travel writer but found the work too restricting. He says, 'I switched to writing for assignment writing service, as I've always been a good academic writer and I can still do that while traveling through my favourite countries.'

7. You can write in English wherever they speak the language
This myth isn't totally correct. You can write for English speaking countries, but you'll need to be aware of differences in how they speak and write in the language. There can be differences, and you'll have to make sure they don't sneak their way into your own writing. Keep track of your own grammar by utilizing online tools to check your work.

Guest Post By Brenda Berg. Brenda is an amazing author and here is here google+ page. 

Friday, March 24

Mood Boards- A welcoming and relaxing living room- How to create mood boards.

Mood Boards are a great way to convey our ideas on design and fashion which can be difficult to communicate sometimes. So if there is difficulty in expressing some idea, the best way to go is creating mood boards.

What is a mood board?

"A mood board is a combination of images, texts, colors, quotes that define the mood and the style of the project". It is a tool to bring out the ideas inside our head and to present it. Mood boards come in different forms. There are also 3D mood boards that enable us to design a 3-dimensional view of a room. This is very convenient if you are planning to remodel your house.

All you have to do is use the mood boards to see how the room will look like or if the furniture that you have been dreaming to buy, suits your living room layout.

Types of mood boards:


Creating a mood board digitally using illustrator is easy for most as it can be done even online using several free online mood creators, and also managing the pictures online or digitally is a lot easier.

Source: Slideshare


Having physical format mixed with printed photograms gives a very crafty feel to the whole process.
It is more like a mixed media art.

My Mood Board:  A welcoming and relaxing living room

I decided to do a mood board design project and decided to work on the living room. I wanted to create an inviting, peaceful, fun space that would be great to entertain friends and family.

This is what I came up with for the living room. These mood boards are 3D boards Which are based on a theme.

Pic: Sahithya
This is  a more classy, chic living room with a pop of color.
Pic: Sahithya

For more inspirations on Living room ideas check here: arhaus

Monday, March 20

How to pack the suitcase for travelling

Travelling can be long or short, but you will have to pack the suitcase anyway. The only problem is not to take unnecessary things in your luggage.

What do you need to take with you?
Depending on the place of destination, you should take the things which correspond to the season and weather. If you are going to the sea, then you should mostly take light clothing and a few evening outfits. In case if it is the excursion tour and you will have to walk a lot - it's better to take more comfortable things.

Before you put everything in a suitcase, it will be good to decompose all things and look at them detached. Clothing for the trip should ideally be chosen in such a way that any shirt could be combined with jeans, and with a skirt, and with slippers. Here is the approximate list of items you can forget about, but should definitely take with you:

  • Shoes
  • Lingerie
  • Accessories (belts, scarves, hats)
  • Cosmetics
  • Jewelry
  • Medicines
  • Phone, recharger
What shouldn’t you forget?
Do not forget you need that the most important things you have to take are documents, money, tickets and keys to the house. All this is better to be put in a small bag-purse. It should not be of a bright color - so as not to attract unnecessary attention. Also, grab a pack of dry napkins, wet wipes, an antiseptic for hands and a pen.
How not to take unnecessary things?
The easiest way to properly pack your suitcase and take everything you need is to make a list of what you need to take with you a week before the trip. Moreover, the list should be as detailed as possible. Once in a few days, look into it and cross out the things you think unnecessary, as well as add something. Therefore, you will have time to think everything over, weigh and avoid the turmoil.
Two days before departure, you can put all the things from the list in a suitcase. If there is free space left, you can use it in two ways:
- to fill it with unnecessary things that you will "probably" put on;
- leave it unfilled - then you will have a stock of space for souvenirs, gifts and things that you buy during the travelling.
Also, before you put everything in a suitcase, you can put all the things on the floor. At this stage, you can easily get rid of a part of the baggage. To make sure, when you have already collected your suitcase, find in it a thing or even a few things, without which you can manage on a trip.
By the way, the list of things that you composed while packing the suitcase, you can take with you on a trip. It will be much easier for you to pack your things on it before you fly home - it will help you not to forget anything at the hotel.

About the author: You will hardly find a better writer than Melisa Marzett, who works for Her posts and articles are full of inspiration, joy and wit ideas.

Monday, March 13

DIY wall decal makeover : Dress up the blank wall for free

If you live in an apartment, it is against the rules to permanently affix decor onto the walls. I had the same problem. But there was a huge bare wall staring at me and I wanted to dress up the bare wall. Artistic inspirations can be found even in the everyday ordinary items that we use.
I saw a lot of decals online, and one particular geometric pattern stuck my eye. It was a simple triangular pattern in rose gold color, that brought out the modern look.

I thought why not DIY it. I had a lot of newspaper waste that had the rose gold color sprayed onto it from my dollar store frame makeover DIY. I just cut out those parts that had a good coat of the paint sprayed over and cleaned it a little with some tissue paper, as I had used these newspaper to prevent the paint from falling on the carpet.

I then measured, and cut some triangles. I applied some glue to the other side of the triangle and stuck to the walls. It looks amazing and was surprisingly easy and totally free of cost. It took me jus 15 min to complete this and my wall doesn't look empty and dull anymore.


Take some newspaper that has some spray painted on it already.

The newspaper that had spray paints on them. So i cut Triangles from these paper and stuck them to the wall.

clean the paper with some clean cloth. Then, Measure and cut some triangles and apply glue to the other side of the triangle.
This is how it looks!!

Stick them to the empty wall, and see the change for yourself.!

Wednesday, March 1

Dollar store hacks 3 - Give those frames a new look

If you are following my blog, you must be knowing that I love to shop in dollar store to do my DIY items. The other day when I was in dollar store I saw a huge collection of frames all for just 1$. They were nothing fancy, but anything can be made fancy with just a few tricks.

So I bought 3 big frames that they had. I wanted to hang these frames in my dining area. I didn't want to hang it as such, so I bought a rose gold color spray paint. I love love the rose gold color. They instantly make anything look super rich. I also had a handmade paper with me which I wanted to put it in the frame.

So here is the step by step process of how I converted the cheap dollar store frame to something that looks like it is bought in pottery barn.


Buy Dollar store frames:

STEP 2: Remove the frame carefully, and save the paper that comes with the frame.

STEP 3: Use the rose gold spray paint nd paint the frames


I got this handmade paper in an exhibition which I loved. I wanted to use this in the frame. So instead of getting a picture frame, I used this paper that had amazing texture to it in the frame.

so I just cut a small rectangle of the handmade paper and stuck on the white side of the paper that came with the frame.

STEP 5: Put the paper back to the frame and Tada!

This is how it looks in the dining hall! I love it. What do you guys think? leave your comments below!

Total cost Just 1 $ :)

here is the youtube video on how I did this. watch, like and subscribe :)