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African Art- acrylic painting

This year has started with an artistic note. Here is the first picture of the year. This is an Art inspired by the contemporary African Art.
Medium: Acrylics on canvas

Painted on Canvas with medium grain texture.
colors user: Acrylic
time taken: half an hour.


This being the first post in the year 2014 , I thought of writing a series of post about the basic facts and old forgotten history. Many people tend to not like the subject history, but we tend to forget the less known fact that even history is a science.There is a slight difference between history and science. The former  is the inquiry, and knowledge acquired through investigation and the latter is knowledge acquired through Experiments.
  History and science both  operate under the fact that objectivity is the basic component of any investigation and that the results and the data should b public.Both have similar rules and procedures for constituting the evidence.Both take these rules as a matter for discussion and debate.
Science is the study of present for a better future; whereas history is the study of past for a better future.And even science has a history.
According to Arthur Marwick The great value of the ‘Is history a science?’ debate is the manner in which it helps cla…