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Life is full of ups and downs.While we exhilarate in the ups,we are totally at a loss when it comes to dealing with the downs.Each day is a fresh day,Look at it with the hope and enthusiasm.Yesterday is over.Why not remove the garbage from our mind?? "Man learns to skate by staggering,making a fool of himself.Indeed,he progresses in all the things by resolutely making a fool of himself" -G.B. Shaw           From cave life to modern civilized life is a story  of trail and error.The people in the cave age,undaunted by the fear of mistakes,made inventions and discoveries that constitute the glory of modern civilization. Whatever the situation,we can make the best of things by the right approach.A peep into the lives of great personages bears to the fact that fruits of labour are sweeter than gifts of fortune.Intelligence and diligence are our best guarantors of success.         If we wish to rise in our career,starting to like the work is the first step.If we wish to exc…


Failures are the stepping stones to success.. this is the general proverb that we know.. here is my piece of thought to it!!! :)

Life is composed of many steps,
Some large,some small,
Each step takes me to the next,
I may not know how many twists and turns lie ahead,
But i know that there always is a way!!. 

Reference and source: Positive thoughts and positive actions book by Arnol fox and Barry Fox.

Science and tech picture quiz 2

1) Put funda
Highlight for answer: To Higgs Boson.

2) ID:  Highlight for answer: Googlerola


Highlight for answer: Cherenkov radiation

4) ID:

Highlight for answer: Great Indian bustard

                                                                     5) ID and put funda

 Highlight for answer: Ivan Pavlov's dog , preserved at The Pavlov museum, Russia.

Credits: Navin Sridhar


We have heard the sayings 10 drops of water makes a mighty ocean.But have we ever wondered,that it is not the 10 drops of water but 10 drops of different mixtures that makes the mighty ocean.

A drop of love, A drop of warmth, A drop  of friendship, A drop of song, A drop of Laughter, A drop of learning, A drop of growing, A drop of sharing, A drop of helping, A drop of forgiving.
10 tiny drops of  all these makes an ocean of joy.

Reference and source: Positive thoughts and positive actions book by Arnol fox and Barry Fox.


Why are the newspaper giants Times of India and The Hindu taking out TV ads about each other????   We could have not missed the remarkable ads by the Bennett,Coleman & co. Ltd giant and that from Kasturi & Sons Ltd. giant.              There first came an add that shows a guy who always falls asleep at all sorts of places,including at a parade in which a band plays loud music.This guy keeps nodding off all the time,and then it turns out that the reason he's always so sleepy is because he reads The Hindu,which (according to them) is so boring that it puts anyone who reads it to sleep.             So what did the add suggest???? (well i had to see the add twice to understand that they were targeting the Hindu)   If u don't want to snooze off at odd times,you'd better switch to the excitement filled TOI.

              Is Hindu boring???   well i think The Hindu takes the general seriousness to lengths of severity.

Pen is Sharper than Knife…

“Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a cleverer devil.” ― C.S. Lewis

Years after people will not remember what you teach them or what you told them but for sure people will remember how you were.
1) Hitler, people will not quote his sayings all the times. People remember only his tyranny to suppress one group of people.
2) Mandela, people will not remember what he said them but people will consider him as a crusader and as a fighter, because he behaved like that.

It is certainly not what you have; it is all about how you show them out, similarly it is not that what you hold inside, it is all about how you telecast it outside…
I can quote plenty of examples for uneducated brilliants; they never went for oxford or Cambridge, even to the municipality school nearby your house, but they are not lesser to any of the scholars and bureaucrats.

Sincerely speaking, schools and colleges are not the source of knowledge, I want to quote this…“If you want to get laid, go…

Science and tech picture quiz 1

1) ID:





Credits: Navin Sridhar

5 ways to speak to someone

What would you do if u have only ten seconds to show you're a somebody.

The incredible,inescapable,unique essence of you

1.The Flooding Smile:
Dont flash an immediate smile,when you greet someone.Instead look at the other persons face for sometime.pause.Soak in their persona.Then let a big warm ,responsive smile flood over your face.

2.Sticky eyes:
Pretend your eyes are glued to your conversation partners with sticky warm toffee.Dont break eye contact even after he/she has finished speaking.When you must look away,do it slowly.

                The instant you are introduced to someone,reward your new acquaintance.Give the warm smile,the total body turn.

4.limit the fidget:
Whenever your conversation really counts,let your nose itch,ear tingle or your foot prickle.Do not fidget,twitch,or scratch.Doing all these gives your listener the gut feeling that you are fibbing

5.Keep a dual track:
  Make it a habit to get on a dual track while talking.Express yourself, but keep an eye o…

CHANAKYA CHANTS- Book review:-

I have always admired Chanakya,the man known for his intelligence.One of the greatest figures of wisdom and knowledge in the Indian history is Chanakya

Chanakya’s Chant is a book that takes the reader between two plots. One set in 340BC about 2300 years ago which is all about history and how Chanakya also known as Vishnu Gupta starts with the desire to avenge the murder of his father and how the desire becomes an obsession and he turns into a strategist whom history will remember, who will by his political tricks manage to prevent Alexander from taking over the entire Bharat and also who with great determination and yet some more tactics quite a lot of them grey in nature manages to start the build of Mayuran Empire under the leadership of his favorite pupil Chandragupta Maurya, and finally succeeds in uniting the entire Bharat.

The other part of the story brings us to the current time, to today’s Bharat. Pandit Gangasagar, who lost his father early in age learns about Chanakya and is …