Tuesday, February 28


          Life is full of ups and downs.While we exhilarate in the ups,we are totally at a loss when it comes to dealing with the downs.Each day is a fresh day,Look at it with the hope and enthusiasm.Yesterday is over.Why not remove the garbage from our mind??
"Man learns to skate by staggering,making a fool of himself.Indeed,he progresses in all the things by resolutely making a fool of himself" -G.B. Shaw
          From cave life to modern civilized life is a story  of trail and error.The people in the cave age,undaunted by the fear of mistakes,made inventions and discoveries that constitute the glory of modern civilization. Whatever the situation,we can make the best of things by the right approach.A peep into the lives of great personages bears to the fact that fruits of labour are sweeter than gifts of fortune.Intelligence and diligence are our best guarantors of success.
        If we wish to rise in our career,starting to like the work is the first step.If we wish to excel,having a healthy approach to criticism is of prime importance.Not the criticism of job,environment or colleagues, but keen interest in work with a clear mind will help us go up and achieve our goals.If we want to scare away failures,preserving peace of mind in the face of heavy odds is needed.

  "all the water in the ocean can sink a ship unless the water starts getting inside.All the troubles in the world cannot sink a human being unless those troubles invade his inner life"


  1. @ dee thanks..:) it all came 4m experience.. :P

  2. You brought out a very important message beautifully. Our inner self holds the key to our success and a happy and healthy life. A very thought provoking post indeed. :)


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