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Secret Wish - of every creative soul!!

I am me! As simple as the two lettered word As complicated as (mc)2 I refuse to be a part of the herd I refuse to be in the rat race I refuse to follow few ridiculous concepts I refuse to being chained by sitting in the same place I refuse to sit inside a glass box and look at the screen What I want to do is beyond professions and careers I look for a place where I will love everything around I need my own space to do things at my own pace! I am  to make my own way All I have is dreams and want to live all of them!!
||The secret wish of every creative soul in the world||

10 things to do when you are angry

Anger is an emotional response , when one's boundaries are violated. Few have learnt to deal with anger and few struggle to control it. Here are few ideas to control anger:

1.listen to music
Music is the best thing to listen to while dealing with the anger arsenal. Choose the music that matches with the mood and hit play

2. Use the anger to fuel something productive
When we are angry , something that we cannot explain twits and tosses and wants to explode. Anger brings energy and we should let anger guide to understand us that will lead to self-development and to bring about a positive change

3. Discuss the anger with someone.
When the day is bad or there is ongoing stress in life, it’s always better to discuss it with a dear friend or family members The simple act of telling things out will make one feel so relieved and also bring out a new perspective to the issue.

4. Think before you speak.
Words once said cannot be taken back and cannot be forgotten. “A moment of patience in a moment of …

Raksha Bandhan gifts for your doting sister

Raksha Bandhan gifts for your doting sister
Raksha Bandhan is one of those Indian festivals that is celebrated with great aplomb and glory in the country. While it is a great matter of pride for the brothers to be able to protect their sisters, the latter love the fact that they would be at the receiving end for money, gifts and so many blessings. To make this Raksha Bandhan special, take some time out to find a gift for your dear sister that she would deeply cherish. Apart from chocolates, there are many options that you could try your hands on, without digging a hole in your pocket!
You must always cringe on the fact that your sister’s closet is full of clothes yet she’s always complaining that she has nothing to wear. All you have to do is indulge in a bit of online shopping this Raksha Bandhan, and you can browse among some of the choicest clothing brands at one place. From dresses to Anarkali kurtis, you can make multiple purchases and earn some great discounts on all or…