Monday, August 10

10 things to do when you are angry

Anger is an emotional response , when one's boundaries are violated. Few have learnt to deal with anger and few struggle to control it. Here are few ideas to control anger:

1.listen to music

Music is the best thing to listen to while dealing with the anger arsenal. Choose the music that matches with the mood and hit play

2. Use the anger to fuel something productive

When we are angry , something that we cannot explain twits and tosses and wants to explode.
Anger brings energy and we should let anger guide to understand us that will lead to self-development and to bring about a positive change

3. Discuss the anger with someone.

When the day is bad or there is ongoing stress in life, it’s always better to discuss it with a dear friend or family members
The simple act of telling things out will make one feel so relieved and also bring out a new perspective to the issue.

4. Think before you speak.

Words once said cannot be taken back and cannot be forgotten.
“A moment of patience in a moment of anger saves a thousand moments of regret.”.

5. Respond , don’t react.

The biggest problem when angry is we do not listen to understand. We listen to reply and there arises the problem.
Take a moment for the words to get absorbed and then respond.

6. Take a deep breath and try to distract yourself.

Breathing is a relaxation technique, that helps with anger management and also to let go of stress and anxiety.

7. Go to sleep

when angry go to sleep as the mind will quite down and you will stop thinking about the issue.
The relaxed state that one will be after the sleep will help to tackle anger and deal with the situation better

8. Write it down.

Write down everything that made you angry or about the situation. This helps you shake off everything in mind.
The sorrow, the grief, the anger will slowly start disappearing and also helps to keep the anger level in check

9.Surround yourself with happy things

10. let it go

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