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Were the Indians and the Mayans brothers???

There are striking similarities between the South Indian Mayan culture and the Maayan culture of Mexico, according to eminent Historian, S. Padmanabhan, General Secretary of Kanyakumari Historical and Cultural Centre.

The influence of Dravidian culture, particularly Keralite culture, is abundantly manifest in architecture, social and religious practices as well as domestic equipment and even personal style of the native people of Mexico known as Maayan, Dr. Padmanabhan said, delivering the G. Venkatasubramaniam Memorial endowment lecture at the Department of History, National College.
‘Padala loga’
The ‘padala loga’ ruled by Mahabali as described in the Puranas is today’s Mexico. The worship of Siva, Naga, Panchaboothas and Nadukal (a stone dedicated to a warrior) is common in Mexico. Sivalingams are found in the Museum as well as many places in the city of Mexico. A heal of Sivalingams is found near the Mexical Pyramid, one of the seven wonders of the World, Dr. Padmanabhan said, citing these finds as credible evidence to support his averment based on his extensive field explorations in Mexico.
Producing pictures of pyramids erected by Mayan in Thikkodi in Kerala and Kanyakumari district, he said they closely resemble the pictures of Mayaan pyramids dedicated to Sun and Panchaboothas in Mexico. The striking similarity is captivating and convincing.
The ruins of a thousand pillar mandapam stand testimony to the influence of Dravidian architecture, he said. The image in Kerala depicting the story of Mahabali has a perfect match in Mexico. Except the style of drawing, every thing was the same.
The portrayal of Vamana and Mahabali is apparent. Other Mexican images that are quite similar to the Dravidian images include the depiction of Lord Vishnu with the conch and chakra, the hand mudras of Indian dances, Lord Vinayaka, Lord Siva, Lord Anjaneya and a folk deity. The ananda sayanam of Vishnu is a fascinating piece of stunning similarity which will surely convince even sceptics, Dr. Padmanabhan said.
Personal styles
He said he had also found similarities in a few personal styles of Indian and Mexical women such as plait hair style, elongated earlobes caused by the wearing of ear rings, and decoration of the plait with flowers.
The physical features of Mexicans also closely resemble the Keralites.
Further, the word ‘chackla’ in Maayan language refers to the force centres of the body similar to the chakras in Indian tradition. ‘Kultanlini’ in Maayan language that refers to the power of God within man which is controlled by breaths is similar to ‘Kundalini.’
In the light of the very obvious connection between the South Indian and Mexican cultures clearly brought out by the formidable evidence, there is an imminent need to pursue historical research more vigorously from a different angle, to assess the contribution of Mayan and unravel the mysteries of the submerged Kumari continent
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Tuesday, December 18

Tagged Award ;)

Its always a pleasure to receive awards and if its from your fellow blogger friends the happiness is more..:)and when u receive two awards double happiness ;)
 thank u Gitanjali for these wonderful awards..:)

So here are the rules:
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And here we go:
11 facts about me:

1.I love history, archaeology, and paleontology.... U speak to me about stuffs in these topics i can speak for hours together..:)
2.Well ppl think science and religion are inversely proportional...But i would strongly say they are directly proportional.
3.I am an adventurous person.
4.Love to explore and experiment new stuffs 
5.Hate smokers
6.I m a think tank. I think thhink and thhink
7.Creative. love shading ,paper arts.
8. Love surprises..:) :)
9.a little short tempered 
10.i still have my own personal dairy, my best friend i would say and even have a name to my personal dairy;)
11. Last but not the least... i love myself.. :D

this took me nearly half an hour.. LOL

Now the questions: (from Getanjali)

1.Blogging to me is_.

Thoughts from your brain and rhythms from your heart unite in the form of words and creativeness which you
put down as your views or opinions.

2.I recommend the following  blogs for you to read when you are free:

3. five songs on my play list:
1.sonnalum ketpadillai 
2.netru illada maatram
3.hey crazy penne
4.nazre milana
5.aiyeve aiyve

4.The last 5 books that I read were

Chanakya chants
A biographhy of adolf hitler -(on progress)
well these were the recent books that i read .

5.The one movie that made me cry - 

6.Some day, I will
 - be known to many in the get my autograph now ..;) will be use in the future..:D

7.Ten places i want to visit before- 
Egypt,greece,Kailash,machu pichu,khyber pass,North east India,vegas

8.The one person who made a HUGE impact on my life would be? -
 well i learn something or the other from everyone. So no single person. It would be all those i meet.. :)

9.The last time I goofed something up:- 
hmmmm .... secret.. ;)

10.New year resolutions for 2013?
well i have never taken any resoulution on any new year .. so taking a resolution would be my resolution

11.One secret that nobody knows :
i have a wand and a life size post of harry potter and the deathly hallows.. ( for harry potter fans ;) )

Here I tag:

Now the Questions to be asked:

1.Who did you have a crush on during high school? Did you express your feelings for that person?
2.Have you had any crazy dream? What was it about?
3.If you think no one is looking what is the one thing you would do?
4.If you were stuck on a deserted island which one book, movie and person would you want to take along?
5.If you could marry a cartoon character who would it be? Why?
6.Which movie title would best depict your life story? Why?
7.What do you love and hate the most about the human race?
8.If you were an alcoholic drink what would it be and why?
9.If you could be a politician who would it be? Why?
10.If you could spend a night with a celebrity who would it be? 
11.If feathers tickle people, do they tickle birds? ;)

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My sweet Earth

There certainly is a lot of speculation regarding the end of the world in 2012. The plethora of opinions comes from people ranging from world renowned scientists and theologians to “lesser known” bloggers and crackpots. But regardless of where the opinions and theories are coming from, they are fascinating. They are based mostly on the ancient Mayan calender.
Now what is interesting is that not only is this the solstice, but it is also approaching (2 weeks later) the point of Perihelion. This is the point in the Earth’s orbit where it gets the closest to the sun. Could the additional gravitational pull cause something to occur? Not likely, but combined with other forces, who knows. This closer distance to the sun could make a difference, however, in the event of a solar burst (flare). And I have to mention in this update that recent solar activity has increased dramatically, which could be a problem. So beware of this.
Also, there is the possibility that the coming event could be similar to a pretty big event about 14,000 years ago that froze mammoths in their tracks with food still in their mouths.
Well leave the Mayans .. our very own mythology says that this is the last of the four yugas. (Well for those who do not know the yugas and the scientific link to it) i will write a new post on it :) :) )
You have to consider how likely it is that the end that they are referring to is just the beginning of a new age. I also believe that it is extremely important to know how to to survive the coming chaos, not just “The End Of The World 2012″ but any disaster and the social panic and violent mobs that quickly follow.
Now i do not want the world to end like this….i have hardly lived my life. Well a study states that more than 50 % of the american believe that there are super heros present among-st us..!!!(LOLL thought) who knows if there is a disaster that happens as predicted i will hope that a super hero comes and saves me and the people whom i want.. ;) . A little bit of adventure to tackle with the destroying world would be fun!.!!
OK now i definitely need to think this ” what if i am saved in the disaster of the destroying world?? what would i do for the food and cloths?? ” so a little bit of shopping and travelling and eating exotic food should not be a problem.. ;)
This is not the do or die situation. “Its the die or die one.” This is like the last wish that is asked before a person is hanged  just that the duration is longer ;) . I would definitely try fulfilling all my secret wishes :)
And finally a letter to my sweet world:
Dear earth,
  You have got abundant wealth, Which we have been exploring. But u never told us u would become this week becouse of loosing all Ur energy ,that u will not even have the courage and the braveness to fight against the disaster and save ur own adopted kids from the mars and the Venus  U showed us Ur anger by splashing the waters on us in the name of tsunami,getting furious in the name of volcano,asking us to go back and to leave Ur land in the name of earth quacks. But still we did not stop exploiting and looting Ur treasures.But now u have decided to teach us the final lesson but dying???? No… please we promise we will use Ur resources properly and will not trouble u any more and will not pollute Ur nature..We have lived in harmony for millions of years, Please don't force us to go to mars and Venus  We know u like to GO GREEN. We assure u we would do what u like.Show courage to save us all!!
Yours loving,

Saturday, December 1



    An all-day dining restaurant serving buffets for breakfast, lunch and dinner along with a' la carte selections, Spice Market exemplifies a high-energy "live cooking' environment.
The restaurant serves Indian street food mixed with European bistro-style fare. It offers indoor and al fresco seating options overlooking scenic city vistas.

Spread across five live kitchens to justify the extensive reach Indian gastronomy covers, Spice Market encompasses the Tandoor Kitchen (Kebabs, grills, Indian breads), Stove Kitchen (Gravy based recipes, Indian rice delicacies etc.), Chaat Kitchen, Beverage Island and the Dessert Island (hot and cold desserts). Distinctively Indian, the food here promises to capture the flavour and aroma befitting the traditional Indian kitchens spread across the country. Spice Market pays homage to the legendary Indian home and street food.


Spice Market has a vast area and has an open spacious ambiance to it. The décor is charming with sacks of spices sitting on counters, giant wooden whisks and coconut shell ladles. It’s overlooking a lush terrace garden and has a light, airy spacious feel to it.

The ethnic life sized sculptures, reflecting Chennai’s are very kitsch with Jars, jute sacks and pestle and mortars, stainless steel tiffin carriers and so many things from Madras’s everyday life. There are ammis, attulals and even hand painted aruvammaanais, sitting on unpolished granite and wooden counters. The food has infinite variety, the salad bar is just perfect,

It is a perfect mix of the old madras life with the modern and luxury touch to it!

The entrance has these huge life size sculptures, then you walk past the chat corner at the entrance down towards the starter sections, turn at the salad counters.Then comes the maincourse section ending the tour with the deser island.

Tucked away in a corner is the bar.The tables are well spread out to make walking around easier and the ambience is definetly family friendly. There is also tables out in the balcony that gives the splendid view of the busy city!.

Entrée :

The Spice Market specializes in unpretentious, simple Indian food. The menu has been well chosen. I felt the chat could have been better(the taste of the road side chat walas cannot be whipped :)) . Stuffed Paneer was soft and mildly flavored .There was limited varieties for the vegetarians. The dessert station is overwhelming from Indian to Continental , the Creme brule, Tiramisu, Lemon Pie, Pecan Pie, Hazlenut Panacota, Strawberry Panacotta and the Lemon Cheesecake! The Sorbets were simply outstanding and do try them!
Buffet Spread :

14 Salads

Cold Cuts / Chaat Station / Variety of Cheese / Breads
2 Variety of soup ( 1 Indian + 1 Western )
5 Non-Veg Dishes / 8 Vegetarian Dishes
3 Variety of Rice
2 Variety of Dal
Tandoor Station - 1 Veg + 1 Non-Veg
Tawa Station - 1 Veg + 1 Non-Veg
On the Grill - 3 Non-Veg + 1 Veg
16 Western Desserts and 7 Indian Desserts
7 Flavours of Ice Cream and 2 Flavour of sorbet / Fresh Fruit selection

Beverages : Will be charged extra.

Depending on the option you choose, you could enjoy fresh fruit juices and soft drinks with your meal . A long, leisurely lunch may be the new fashionable way to spend a Sunday in the city.

Hours : Lunch - 12:30 noon to 3:00pm and Dinner - 6:30 to 11:30pm

Rate of the Buffet Lunch / Dinner : Rs. 999+14.5% Taxes, Inclusive of Taxes Rs. 1144/-


365 Anna Salai, Teynampet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu- 600 018, India

T: +91 44 6100 1234 M: +91 9962000908 F: +91 44 6100 1235