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Were the Indians and the Mayans brothers???

There are striking similarities between the South Indian Mayan culture and the Maayan culture of Mexico, according to eminent Historian, S. Padmanabhan, General Secretary of Kanyakumari Historical and Cultural Centre.

The influence of Dravidian culture, particularly Keralite culture, is abundantly manifest in architecture, social and religious practices as well as domestic equipment and even personal style of the native people of Mexico known as Maayan, Dr. Padmanabhan said, delivering the G. Venkatasubramaniam Memorial endowment lecture at the Department of History, National College.
‘Padala loga’
The ‘padala loga’ ruled by Mahabali as described in the Puranas is today’s Mexico. The worship of Siva, Naga, Panchaboothas and Nadukal (a stone dedicated to a warrior) is common in Mexico. Sivalingams are found in the Museum as well as many places in the city of Mexico. A heal of Sivalingams is found near the Mexical Pyramid, one of the seven wonders of the World, Dr. Padmanabhan said, citing these finds as credible evidence to support his averment based on his extensive field explorations in Mexico.
Producing pictures of pyramids erected by Mayan in Thikkodi in Kerala and Kanyakumari district, he said they closely resemble the pictures of Mayaan pyramids dedicated to Sun and Panchaboothas in Mexico. The striking similarity is captivating and convincing.
The ruins of a thousand pillar mandapam stand testimony to the influence of Dravidian architecture, he said. The image in Kerala depicting the story of Mahabali has a perfect match in Mexico. Except the style of drawing, every thing was the same.
The portrayal of Vamana and Mahabali is apparent. Other Mexican images that are quite similar to the Dravidian images include the depiction of Lord Vishnu with the conch and chakra, the hand mudras of Indian dances, Lord Vinayaka, Lord Siva, Lord Anjaneya and a folk deity. The ananda sayanam of Vishnu is a fascinating piece of stunning similarity which will surely convince even sceptics, Dr. Padmanabhan said.
Personal styles
He said he had also found similarities in a few personal styles of Indian and Mexical women such as plait hair style, elongated earlobes caused by the wearing of ear rings, and decoration of the plait with flowers.
The physical features of Mexicans also closely resemble the Keralites.
Further, the word ‘chackla’ in Maayan language refers to the force centres of the body similar to the chakras in Indian tradition. ‘Kultanlini’ in Maayan language that refers to the power of God within man which is controlled by breaths is similar to ‘Kundalini.’
In the light of the very obvious connection between the South Indian and Mexican cultures clearly brought out by the formidable evidence, there is an imminent need to pursue historical research more vigorously from a different angle, to assess the contribution of Mayan and unravel the mysteries of the submerged Kumari continent
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  1. Timely blog after Doom's Day....Informative one :) Thanks for the journey it took us nearly back to Vamana avathar period.... On the lighter note if above things are true..then Indians are having very good predicting power..

  2. @sunderwell they do have.. and above said thinghs are true... :)

  3. I have a similar theory though my logic is different... check it here

  4. Yup... we are now studying our findings as time progress our generations wil have quotes in their book stating "Our Ancestors studied something reg "Mayans" not as we are the Mayans... :(.

  5. i agree that the similarities look more than co-incidental..but of course we dont have hard archeological evidence..YET..which makes this of interest but not mainstream

  6. @Ganesh Puttuyes right from the culture to the food to the temples der look very much similar... and yea we lack proofs... thinghs are in progress...
    and more over i really believe that the things that we brand as "MYTHS" will definetly have a trail of the truth!!!


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