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VEEks and THOMAS-review

VEEKS and THOMAS in nungambakkam was the place that we had decided to meet up for the "Chennai BLOGGER Club's first aniv event.I was all exited to meet  my fellow friends,whom i had met at the ITC grand chola INDIBLOGGER MEET.After so much of confusion as to which station is closer to the venue, i got down in nungambakkam and took an auto. It is not really far from nungambakkam station as the auto fellow charged me 45 bucks(could have bargained more).

Veekes and Thomas is a pure Veg restaurant, a chain that has been quite successful in Bangalore,located in a posh yet quite spot situated in a dead end lane of Nungambakkam off Haddows Road .

The restaurant is small and cozy with both indoor and outdoor seating areas. A perfect spot for a get-together and also for a simple date!!. the outdoor seating has very few chairs and seemed perfect for dinner, As it was lunch time we preferred to stay indoors.Nothing fancy about the interior, they've kept it simple.The decor ad…

Things less Thought!!!

We see so many people daily but only few people stay in our mind and their actions worth sharing.... This was one such incident that happened with me when i was travelling from Chennai to Rajmundry.

We were 10 of us in the train and the seats were scattered throughout the train so we were wandering here and there in search of our seats and few of us were in search of the TT so that we could all get accommodated at least in the same coupe.

After so much of begging and pleading with the fellow passengers we all got settled not in the same compartment but in two adjacent compartments.

It was early in the morning with the beautiful sun rise and the lush greeneries of the costal Andra... and the amazing Godavari river flowing with pride. When i was crossing the compartment i happened to hear a person asking his friend not to use the lavatory. Wondering why he was stopping the people from usig the lavatory the fellow passengers were asking if the rest room was not clean and if it sh…

The Hidden World

The Internet, the ipod,the ipad,mobile phones,Thousands of apps,xbox,bluetooth,FB.,and the list goes on. Gozmo lovers delight.If a techie or a gadget lover is made to sit with all the above said things, its heaven for that person.These gadgets, no doubt has connected us with people who are thousands of miles away,has made us to be in touch with our KG friends with whom we lost touch long ago.:),Made us Listen to music in the most sophesticated way,Made the gesture of touch the most powerful,Has shrunk the world to the size of the small icon that appears at the bottom of Internet Explorer window.These gadgets have become the Lifeline for todays generation and has made us  live in the virtual world.

As the saying goes., the World is a small village.. now it makes me wonder, village??? no only a street!!!
   We are connected with every one in every possible way.I just happened to know about a theory called six degree of separation from a friend of mine, and the curious nature in me…