Friday, November 2

The Hidden World

     The Internet, the ipod,the ipad,mobile phones,Thousands of apps,xbox,bluetooth,FB.,and the list goes on. Gozmo lovers delight.If a techie or a gadget lover is made to sit with all the above said things, its heaven for that person.These gadgets, no doubt has connected us with people who are thousands of miles away,has made us to be in touch with our KG friends with whom we lost touch long ago.:),Made us Listen to music in the most sophesticated way,Made the gesture of touch the most powerful,Has shrunk the world to the size of the small icon that appears at the bottom of Internet Explorer window.These gadgets have become the Lifeline for todays generation and has made us  live in the virtual world.

As the saying goes., the World is a small village.. now it makes me wonder, village??? no only a street!!!

   We are connected with every one in every possible way.I just happened to know about a theory called six degree of separation from a friend of mine, and the curious nature in me made me to do a bit of study on what it is all about.

      Six degrees of separation is the idea that everyone is on average approximately six steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person in the world, so that a chain of "a friend of a friend" statements can be made, on average, to connect any two people in six steps. and guess what It is found that 99.91% of Facebook users were interconnected, forming a large connected component. The mutual friends connection is really wonderful.
Almost all the Networking sites like the LINked in,twitter uses this concept!!

We really are just a handful of acquaintances away from the likes of Madonna, the Dalai Lama  the Queen, AR Rahman or anybody in the world.Just try.

This has made our life interesting, thrilling,sporty and has even let us build contacts. But there was a world which did not have any of these gadgets.How would it be to experience such a life now, when we are surrounded by these novalties.??The life of the hidden world.
Well i had a chance to experience the life of the hidden world when i had to go for my SSB navy selections.
We were not allowed to take our mobile phones nor were we given any of the gizmos. We were made to stay in rooms of 6 members each for five days. For the first few hours it was tough as our fingers which were habituated to the continous pressing of the buttons either in mobile phones or in our Laptops had to take rest!. But once we started getting along and knowing each other better,only then did i realise how much the social networking sites and the gadgets have made us to act like robots.

The bonding that is shared when we meet people and talk or share can never be achieved through the social networking sites. I then realised how much amity and togethrness that we all are lacking today!...Not only the social networking sites, be it the xbox.. it cannot be compared with the fun we get in playing under the hot sun, getting tired, taking a break for lunch and then running back to continoue the game and fight with our friends waiting there.. the bonding that we get  is unmatchable.

So how about trying to spend a day without mobile or internet or just removing the lifeline mask and experience the freshness of the real world or the Hidden world???


  1. This six degrees of separation is very true! I heard it first in a tamil serial called "Chidambara Ragasiam" when i was a kid, that time i used to randomly pick a name and see how am connected to them :D well it only shows one thing, the whole world is one family.. Peace :)

  2. @krznaohh dint know abt the serial.... oh yes.... true indeed!!

  3. I have always felt that this six degrees of separation theory is one of the best pickup lines to use.."hi, you know me? No? Dont worry we are separated by just six are three degrees away from becomung my girlfriend"" i am kinda partial to this theory...

  4. Though its quite possible mathematically... but in the real world, I don't think its true for every individual... you may get connected to any famous person through 6 degree of separation... but getting to know a normal person going about his/her business in his / her own sphere of working is not possbile as there are always overlapping...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
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  5. @Shashi S thats very much possible and precisely that s what facebook does with the mutual friend tab.!!!! u are the 6 way diff s actually looong to know each other some times u end up in the 4th step oly!!!!


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