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        VEEKS and THOMAS in nungambakkam was the place that we had decided to meet up for the "Chennai BLOGGER Club's first aniv event.I was all exited to meet  my fellow friends,whom i had met at the ITC grand chola INDIBLOGGER MEET.After so much of confusion as to which station is closer to the venue, i got down in nungambakkam and took an auto. It is not really far from nungambakkam station as the auto fellow charged me 45 bucks(could have bargained more).

Veekes and Thomas is a pure Veg restaurant, a chain that has been quite successful in Bangalore,located in a posh yet quite spot situated in a dead end lane of Nungambakkam off Haddows Road .

The restaurant is small and cozy with both indoor and outdoor seating areas. A perfect spot for a get-together and also for a simple date!!. the outdoor seating has very few chairs and seemed perfect for dinner, As it was lunch time we preferred to stay indoors.Nothing fancy about the interior, they've kept it simple.The decor adorns chairs and tables and few decorative photos.

we spent nearly an hour catching up, swapping stories, sharing work experiences and of course making new friends.:) :). It was nearly 2pm when we realized we were starving. ;).

chai glass
"Trattare per appassionati italiani"- will be a treat for people who love Italian food.

The first thing that caught our attention was the chai glass in which the water was served. Have never seen a chai glass used for water, and the twig of tulsi in the water jug!

To begin with the food,we ordered for the vegetable tempura with a honey and pepper glaze with a tamarind sauce was nice and crunchy.
For the main dishes, we ordered pasta and  risotto. All the dishes come with garlic bread.the garlic bread was soft and cheesy which was absolutely a delight. The risotto could have been better with more flavors.

vegetable tempura


The food was simple ,good and moderately priced. For the desert we ordered chikoo ice cream.. which was yummy. bliss.!:)

There is scope for improvement in the area of service. This place is definitely a must try at least once.

We lingered on for another 1 hr yakking and playing games before parting ways. It was one good happy lunch!

The Delirious Chennai bloggers
A great place to hang out with some lovely food at nominal prices.

Address:     #15/4 Haddows Lane

                     Haddows Rd Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600034

                     Ph- 09710026669
Timings:       12:00 PM to 3:00 PM, 7:00 PM to 10:30 PM

Features:      free wi-fi, Pure vegetarian, Air conditioned.


  1. I love the assortion of photos Sahi. They go very well with the article. Nicely done :)

  2. Nice review...Nice Cliks.... :)
    So V & to hangout for a munchy lunch....without going by auto.....

  3. Just a small suggestion :)
    its a shot glass and not chai glass
    i acknowledge your innocence in this area :P
    Nice article Rythmica..

  4. Wonderful review. I would love to visit this place, when I am in Chennai.

  5. @sunderit s definetly a nice place to hang out with friends.... :) well i found the auto fare also decent enough!!

  6. @vijaywell it definetly s a chai glas... shot glasses are much smaller than those present in Vand T ;..;)
    and ya thank u !!!

  7. Sahi, Hope the pictures of vegetable tempura and risotto are not taken in the CBC Meet! During the meet, hope the cook who knows European Style of cooking is absent and some south indian cook was there and prepared Pasta in the manner of Curd Rice! Out of this the meet was wonderful.

  8. @Ashok G
    yes !! well pasta was fine.. it was risotto that was not upto the mark....

  9. Hi Sahi,

    This is my first visit to your blog, nice simple lay-out. Will read all your posts soon. Regarding the restaurant review, I asked Vidya if she would be offended if I wrote an honest no-holds barred review and she looked a bit upset.

    But I need to be true to the gods of food as well. So a review is going to come up soon :)


  10. @mahesh thank u so much mahes.. and abt the rest.. we did not have the other items in the menu... shoild have tried more... but it was good.!:) ;)

  11. Awww..... that group pic us taking me J now! :(

    P/s girl! Remove the captcha please! ;)

  12. Hi Sahi :)

    You have been tagged:)

    Look forward to your answers


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