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Future of shopping!!

It's a snowy Saturday, and Amy age 72, sits on her couch and is thinking about the surprise gift that she plans to give her granddaughter for her birthday.
She uses her"6th sense" pendant and chooses the virtual image of the shop that she likes to purchase the items from. She uses her mobile phone to Create a virtual projection of her granddaughter using the picture that she hasand to control it. She makes the projected granddaughter to enters the virtual shop where she finds her personal concierge..

The concierge takes three scans of the virtual granddaughter in less than 10 seconds, then waits for the skin 

tone number. All this info is plugged into a scan guide and there is a list of products that would suit the virtual granddaughters skin tone, her waist size, her shoe size and everything needed for shipping.
The concierge recommends several items, the virtual granddaughter tries several dresses for the fit and chooses one. Amy pulls out the virtual granddaughter from …

Auto fare- boon or bane!

"Auto la yeranumnayeru, summa rules pesada" (if you want to get into the auto, stop talking rules). This was the reaction that I got when I was asking the auto fellow in Mambalam to use the meter.

"The Chief Minister also made it clear that permits of the auto rickshaw drivers would be canceled if they charge more than the revised fare".Their vehicles would as well be seized".However, no one seems to care. 
We were really happy when the announcements came out that the autos in Chennai city will once again see the meter box that was buried few years ago.

 It used to be a strange thing when autos in all the other cities like Bangalore and Mumbai had its meters on , and the auto fellows even gave back 50 paise.

A city is first judged by its transport facility and the autos fares.Our city is famous for extra-high auto charges and the rude behavior of the auto fellows.After the announcement was made, we all thought that it was a boon for the commutators. 

When I told …