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Kellogg's Breakfast-Hog on

Who said Cornflakes can only be eaten with milk? There are so many ways to eat it and my best way to love eating the Kellogg's cornflakes is in the form of chivda and also with the yogurt salad. The taste is just out of the world and i got these ideas from Here.

I got bored of eating the crispy,golden flakes in the traditional form, cold milk and the flakes. Then i heard  so many amazing recipes that can be made out of this crunchy flakes. Healthy breakfast leads to great start of the day. So whip up the perfect breakfast for any occasion using these cornflakes.

But who said cornflakes can only be used in breakfast? They are perfect for brunch,for baking, as Appetizers, As starters,Entree and even a Desert! Most of these dishes are not only quick but also adds amazing crunch and flavour.

Using Cornflakes as a breakfast or as an appetizer is the best way of including fiber, nutrient and taste which is low in calorie, low in fat and high in taste and the best part is, these cornfla…

Shopping is a therapy-Save with 27coupons

Most of us love shopping but the real effort is how to make the retail experience a great one. I just love shopping online. It is like a present or a gift that is given to me and every time i get a neatly packed courier with my name delivered to me i feel so happy.
Online shopping is so very convenient. I Can shop with time under my control, with frizzy hair, with my pajamas on ,with no parking charge and even while watching The world cup.
I can keep looking at things that i love, put it in the shopping cart with out any one offering their help to choose cloths for me or even leave the shopping cart without proceeding to buy having no guilt.
There are so many amazing online shopping sites like Jabong, myntra, flipkart, yepme, zovi and so many others. It has a blend of International labels,local brands and designer labels. There is a huge variety of items to choose from ,for every age. These online retailers offer so many offers and coupons codes but it sometimes gets confusing from t…

Ramayana-The game of life: Shattered Dreams

I have grown up listening to Ramayana. Have watched the Ramayana serial religiously when i was young, but never found the chance to read the great epic written by Valmiki or even the poetic version of the Kamba Ramayana.Now that i found a book that was written in a simple language i just wanted to read it no matter what.

Ramayana-The game of life Shattered Dreams: Book 2 is the sequel to the book raise of the sun prince.The book elaborates every small detail and throws light to the characters that always had to part away with one chapter or just one episode.

The book begins with Dasarathas attempt to make Rama the next Ikshvaku king of Ayodhya. It gives us a glimpse of the king of Lanka, Ravana and later about the evil schemes of Manthara and how Rama goes to exile.The book ends with the trio leading southwards towards the Dandakaranya jungle and with the question if the decision could be changed!

This book has the essence of Ramayana written by sage valmiki and also along with few a…

Digital India Vision

E-governance is a wonderful tool to bring transparency, accountability and Whistle blowing ability. It gives access to people by giving them access to information. It is the  "E-asy, E-ffective and E-fficient governance".

Why  e-governance:

"To Make all Public Services accessible to the common man in his locality, through common service delivery outlets and ensure efficiency, transparency and reliability of such services at affordable costs to realize the basic needs of the common man"

Any decision that is made in the Parliament should be sent as a message or can be updated in an app. For example the budget session information and the tax related information which is applicable to all should/can be made available in the form of text messages.

The E-governance should also let the employee and the people the possibility of accessing information regarding the compensation, benefit and the civil right laws.

Single point of access for the citizens will  help in travel a…

Memories of good old days

We always recall the memorable moments of our life. Just thinking about those moments gives us joy and titillation. All the good things that has happened to us, all the achievements that we made in our school and collage and all the good deeds that we have done becomes great memories for life long. And one thought about these brings a thousand watt smile and glorious gratification. We wish for those good old days to come back.
I have many fond memories from my childhood. The birthday celebrations that were a gala fest at home by inviting all the kids from the apartment and also from the neighboring flat is the first thought i get when i think of the childhood.Cutting cake, serving rasna, cousins taking up the role of the DJ, and the endless wait for all the guests to leave to open the colorful wrappers of the huge pile of gifts was merry.
Eating tons of Ruffles lays and uncle chips to collect the tazoos and exchanging the tazoos for a shinier ones was the first trade that we learnt.

Change is always good

I cannot think of any philosopher or those people who have achieved something in life, not talk about change.Being engulfed in the euphoria of doing things in the traditional way will never lead us anywhere. Change is inevitable and is the Law of life. The trick is to make use of the best out of the change that comes and to formulate it to lead the life that we have dreamt of.

No person is an excemption to change. For some it happens soon and for others it happens a little late.The first change for me was the decision i took to move to hostel for my collage after my high school.New place,new city, new people and new friends.

Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.-Barack Obama
The first big step to be alone after being in the cocoon warmth of parents brought in some jitter. But this was also my first step towards being independent. The first step to learn so many new things, t…

Are you Lucky or Unlucky?

When the rain stops when we step out without an umbrella,when there is green signal all at a row,
when we reach our office in just four minutes, where there is a meeting scheduled at another five minutes,when we do the presentation awesomely well, without the slightest preparation,
when we win a lottery, and become rich in a day and so many surprising things that happen without expectation is when we think we are lucky.

We go back to the start of the day thinking what made the day so much better.We also start thinking that the day was good because of the two teaspoon sugar that was put in the coffee or because of the pet cat blackie that crossed the way when we woke up.

We try to bring back the lady luck again with the sugar and by making blackie cross and alas everything goes crosswise.

There is the rain, red signal, late to the office, presentation is screwed, and we even pay a fine. So the day is horrible bad and from being lucky 24 hours before  we suddenly become unlucky! What a…