Digital India Vision

E-governance is a wonderful tool to bring transparency, accountability and Whistle blowing ability. It gives access to people by giving them access to information. It is the  "E-asy, E-ffective and E-fficient governance".

Why  e-governance:

"To Make all Public Services accessible to the common man in his locality, through common service delivery outlets and ensure efficiency, transparency and reliability of such services at affordable costs to realize the basic needs of the common man"

Any decision that is made in the Parliament should be sent as a message or can be updated in an app. For example the budget session information and the tax related information which is applicable to all should/can be made available in the form of text messages.

The E-governance should also let the employee and the people the possibility of accessing information regarding the compensation, benefit and the civil right laws.

Single point of access for the citizens will  help in travel and E-India initiative can be made to support online government.The main focus should be to provide public information,allow customers to have access to basic public service and to simplify the online procedures.

With tight cyber security and privacy laws it will be easy to control the corruption at every level as it will be accountable.

The beauty of E-governance is that with few key strokes, it lets us get the information and also save time and also effective transparent governance with less bureaucracy.

It not only saves time but also saves trees in an butterfly effect.As the governance is electronic it saves a lot of  stationary like the paper.

The expenditure that was being appropriated towards the stationary can be saved, Thus saving the cost and the money

It is also more convenient to sit in front of the system and apply for the disability funds and other such kinds rather than standing in the long queue and it also prevents the loss of data.

The e-governance would be successful only if the Internet penetration rate and the computer-person ratio is high. Else taking this initiative to the rural and the low income group area will be difficult. And the E-Governance website and the app created must be accessible even to those who lack computing skill thus it should be easy and user friendly.

Once all these things are taken care of , the e-governance through technology can accelerate the vision of #Digital India!

 E-governance is by the governed, for the governed and of the governed.

Aage badega India jab Digital Banega India!!!!


  1. the problem we face in our great nation is people want to find loopholes out of any system.. if everyone follows the system sincerely then everything works ..


    1. yes, and we also criticize each and every thing and when the same laws or rules are implemented in a different nation we abide by it sincerely!. Its in our attitude to bring about the change . Only when we start thinking will it happen. Else it is like throwing stones in a puddle of water. It will lead to nowhere

  2. It presupposes high literacy and penetration of net in interior rural areas .Some progress has been made and an awareness has been created of the rights and obligations of citizens.We have still miles to go.

    1. yes we surely have a long way to go.. but even if start taking baby steps , it should be steady and as the day progresses there should/will be some progress made !

  3. E-xcellent idea. Any government communication must be in simple language so common man can understand.

    1. yes. It should be aimed for the common man for that to reach larger audience and to become a success and be appriciated. Thank u for the read. :)

  4. This is a wonderful vision where everything is accessible to everyone not only on paper but in practice. Great post, Sahithya!

  5. Very refined post on e-governance Sahithya. Interesting yet informative! I can see your vision for the future of our nation. Healthy vision, I would say. Loved it and thanks for sharing!

    My best wishes for the contest ;-)


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