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DIY - How to decorate your wall on a budget

This is a super easy way to revamp your old wall decor or to bring life to the plain walls. It just took me 3 hours to do the full arrangement and the cost was 0$. No cost at all!!

Yes, Just 2 items! and all you have to do is cut the glossy magazine in the hexagonal shape. I cut around 22 hexagons from several sheets of the glossy magazines that i had.

I arranged the hexagons in a honeycomb shape. I just wanted to have the geometric pattern.

Use a tape to stick the hexagons together and pin it to the wall .

I am pleased with the output of how it looks. What do you guys think?

Dollar store hacks 4 - Change a trash bin to a storage bin

I have been doing a lot of dollar store DIYs lately,  you can find the first three hacks here, here and here. For the past 3 months i was busy with school , assignment and exams. Now that the term is over, i thought of getting back to doing some DIYs for the holiday seasons.

I was short of the nautical rope, hence had to use the burlap to get full coverage. In case you have a lit of nautical rope, u can cover the bin completely with that too.
Use the glue gun to stick the nautical rope and the burlap in place.
This is how my final product looks like and the total cost for making this was just 3$

Lazy days!

I like getting up at 11 Am, I like my messy hair, I like my over sized shirt, I like my freckles, I like cancelled plans, I like drinking plain milk, I like to sit and watch cooking shows and not cook, and then i am called lazy!
There is nothing wrong with being lazy sometimes .

The History of The Western Genre through 8 Must-See Films

Although settings, costumes, and tropes remain consistent throughout the films of the Western genre, the values, lessons, and heroes of the genre are constantly changing. In many ways, Westerns serve as a perfect window into how America has viewed itself throughout the twentieth century. Through 8 films, we'll take a journey through these changes to understand how Westerns have evolved, and how this evolution has been shaped by history.

"Stagecoach" and The Traditional Western With arguably the genre's most quintessential director, John Ford, lead actor, John Wayne, and scenic location, Monument Valley, this black-and-white classic employs every trope of the genre in a tight 1 hour and 40 minute package. Storywise, it's the subplots and the humor that make this movie great. Many playful vignettes, featuring expert character actors of their day, paint life on the frontier as cheap, justice as obsolete, and morality as ambiguous. This lighthearted humor juxtaposed ag…

The Ultimate Guide for Cleaning your home

“The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back” - Wendy Wunder

Home is the place we long for after a day long work or a long planned trip! It is the second best place to heaven, should say! A clean home is the most welcoming thing for everyone. Imagine, you return from home and find a huge pile of mess in the living room. Don’t you deserve something better?
House cleaning is not an enjoyable task for many. But, believe it or not, it is the most satisfying task ever. The result is right in front of your eyes!
Where do we start? Cleaning is so much fun when you involve everyone in the family. This makes everyone be responsible for the things they have at home.
1. Things back in its place Any cleaning task should start with putting the right thing in the right place. This would avoid a lot of confusion and makes your home clutter free. You could relate to this more if you have a young child at home. Putting things back to its place would star…

Abstract watercolor painting-flamingo

I love colors and geometric pattern. These geometric pattern when used in interior designs, just uplifts a humble space to being classy. When used in painting it somehow makes even the simple sketch look unique. They are so versatile. I love the circles and the triangles. I try to use them in most of my doodles and also DIYs.
I wanted to paint in my new watercolor mini art pad for quit sometime now. I love the way the watercolors takes its own form in the watercolor pad. It is very therapeutic. I wanted to use colors, so I just started painting without any thought of what the final product was going to be.
I used several bright colors, let the colors take it's own form. Once the base coat was done, there was a page covered with beautiful watercolor patters. The only design that could lift the base color was few geometric designs. So I just used my favorite triangles to add some glam to the colors and inserted a geometric flamingo in between. I love this abstract art that I came u…

How we did universal studios and islands of adventure in one day!

It's vacation time and Universal may be up on the radar as one of the must visit places. Universal studios and islands of adventures are two of the most popular parks in Orlando, Florida. It is totally possible to do both the parks in one day if you are tight on money or are short on time without using fast pass or getting early access.

Follow these tips to have a wonderful day at universal studios and islands of adventure.

1.Wear comfortable shoes. You should be ready to move quickly and comfortably
2. Reach at least 15 minutes early.
3. Try to visit The parks on a weekday if possible. 4. Stay somewhere closer to the parks. 5. Pre-book your tickets online. 6. Don't forget to get the park to park tickets. 7.try to go in single person line. It sometimes moves faster than an express line.
We went to these parks on a Monday following a long weekend. So the crowd was drastically less as compared to a long weekend or a regular holiday. We reached the park at around 9. Had to wait at the…

Remodel your Bedroom and patio for a fresh look-Bedroom Patio Ideas

Upgrading your bedroom's existing windows or replacing the blank walls with new windows will dramatically change the room's appearance. Windows make the room bigger and allow for a lot of natural light. A great way to upgrade a patio is to use concrete pavers which add to the look and also easy to maintain and replace, and also perfect for outdoor entertaining. The pavers and cozy seating area transformed this nothing special outdoor seating space into a stylish outdoor space.
Here is a mood board design to Remodel your Bedroom and patio for a fresh look Upgrading your bedroom's existing windows or replacing the blank walls with new windows will dramatically change the room's appearance.

The Seven Myths Of Being A Travel Writer

The dream for many writers is to travel the world. After all, writing is one of the most portable professions in the world. Why not combine it with your desire to get away? If you've ever considered, you may well have heard of the following seven myths. Here's why they aren't true, and how you can achieve your goals.

1. You can't balance travel and writing This is very much dependent on the individual. Some people struggle to manage their time, and so find themselves ignoring work in favour of enjoying themselves, or missing the sights because they're so busy working. If you can balance your time, though, it's easy to do both. It sure beats working in a bar or as a tour guide if you're traveling for an extended period.
2. You can't work overseas Yes, you absolutely can. It's easier than ever to make money when you're working abroad, thanks to the internet. All you have to do is make sure you have the right working visa for the country you're goi…