Monday, July 24

Abstract watercolor painting-flamingo

I love colors and geometric pattern. These geometric pattern when used in interior designs, just uplifts a humble space to being classy. When used in painting it somehow makes even the simple sketch look unique. They are so versatile. I love the circles and the triangles. I try to use them in most of my doodles and also DIYs.

I wanted to paint in my new watercolor mini art pad for quit sometime now. I love the way the watercolors takes its own form in the watercolor pad. It is very therapeutic. I wanted to use colors, so I just started painting without any thought of what the final product was going to be.

I used several bright colors, let the colors take it's own form. Once the base coat was done, there was a page covered with beautiful watercolor patters. The only design that could lift the base color was few geometric designs. So I just used my favorite triangles to add some glam to the colors and inserted a geometric flamingo in between. I love this abstract art that I came up with under 15 min. What do you guys think!?


  1. Wow, your art is excellent. And I am quite surprised that it took only 15 min to come up with such ideas. It is so cool.

    Gayathri @ Musings Over Nothing


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