Saturday, December 19

Nataraja The Cosmic Dancer - Lord Shiva Painting(Art) in the Shiva Series

Here is the watercolor painting of Nataraja The Lord (or King) of Dance), is a depiction of the Hindu God Shiva as the cosmic dancer who performs his divine dance to destroy a weary universe and make preparations for the god Brahma to start the process of creation. - wiki

There is a metaphor between the cosmic dance of the Nataraj and the modern study of the 'cosmic dance' of subatomic particles.

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Nataraja-Lord shiva painting- Shiva series

Saturday, December 5

Chennai Rains

Chennai is submerged in waters. And not only is Chennai flooded but also the social networking sites with over flooded places. People head to home states with fresh spell of rain spreads fear.

This tough time has brought out real life heros. In this hour where help is needed, there suddenly is a force which unites people. So many prayers, so many helping hands, this shows the unity. I sometime think the natural disaster is natures way to show people to be united.Irrespective of cast and creed, we join hands in the rescue mission.

Social media has played a major role in helping people and rescue those who were stranded too! So FB and twitter is not only for sending candy crush requests and random messages, but also to bring people together!

I have always been proud of Chennai, but this time I see how its peoples heart is nothing less than warm and beautiful.

Nanmangalam lake

Lake overflowing with water

This is nothing less than a tourist spot.

The roads overflowing the the water from the lake

yes, this is chennai

People standing in queue to get milk

 food packets are being distributed

The oor thalaivar speaking to the people

south kolathur submerged in water.

200 feet road, (pallavaram  radial road)

area near kamakshi hospital

A Party hall submerged in water.

Enjangadu junction

huge line in the Alandur metro

opposite olympia tech park

Auto man charging 450 bucks for 3 km distance.

Pic credits: Sahithya

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Friday, November 27

10 things to do on a long weekend

It is easy to lapse into predictable routine on the weekends. If it a long weekends, most people pack their bags and start to explore places. But what about people who are on a budget? They tend to find themselves alone for the holidays. It can be a trying time even for those who are okey being alone! The long holidays could also mesh into one long continual nap fest. However there are plenty of fun things to do during your days off. They are cheap, fun and entertaining.

1. "Choose a country" dinner night.

Choose a country. Find cuisine that is unique to that country. Prepare the dinner that would be served, and bring out trivia facts about that country. Food, talking and facts what could go wrong!

2.Play games.

Board games are excellent ways to have fun at home.There are so many options to choose from.

3. Karaoke night

That is sure to bring in lots of laughter and joy!

4.Movie Marathon.

Good movie, lots of people, and popcorn!

5.Volunteer work.

Sure feel good factor and also brings in contacts!

6. Local history exploration.

Get to know the place where you are in. Visit the local museum and explore the places. take pics and make photo collage.

7.Go on long bike/car drives and camp in an unplanned spot.

8.Clean the closet and decorate the home.


Just like the good old school days.

10.last but not the least pack you bags and go and explore!!

Pic credits: google images.

Thursday, November 12

Delicious Autumn!

That time, when the nature blushes,
The countryside gets painted in vibrant colours!
The smell of pumpkin and sunburnt leaves,
The beauty of leaves turning old!
Their last days full of colour and beauty,
Natures setting to appreciate old!
When the status aura is lifted,
making way to cheer and cuddle!
There is a harmony and a lustre in its sky,
sweeping along, swaggering boisterously!
Oh Autumn,you teach me so wisely,
Everything is beautiful,yet everything is dying!!

Pic credits: Dilip

Tuesday, October 20

Chennai- Theme Cartoon painting

Namma chennai city themed cartoon!. I do not believe in a day being dedicated for something, and where the trend follows to woo or aahh about the thing for which the day was dedicated. For me if one loves a thing it can be celebrated any time and on any-day. So this is dedicated to  the city which is hot and humid, the city  which has the longest coastal line in Asia, the city which is rooted to its culture and is just cropping up to explore other stuffs too. The city which is stereotyped the most by people who have not even visited the place.The city that I love the most.

Tuesday, October 13

Oh My Love!

Every Morning I long to hold you, I need you,
So we can be aware of how we're going to get done today,
My  eyes are naturally wide open and never blink,
you just make everything better,
I could ardour you even if you were bad,
you make me just do it,
I know life is short, so I stay awake for this pleasure,
The feel good moment deserves another,
Cos you smell like heaven,
I adore you in all your forms, be it dark or with your skim make up,
You just make me smile,


Pic credit: Dilip
Dedicated to all the coffee lovers. P.S: I dont drink coffee ;)

Monday, October 5

Sobremesa- Food, Fun, Laughter

Sobremesa- "That time spent after a meal, hanging out with family or friends, chatting and enjoying each other's company and savour both food and friendship". What could get better than this?

Those meet ups at a friends place where we dash in just to catch up over some good food or snacks,cook together,take the photos of the food from the perfect angle, share the food cooked, eat the food till we burp are sure to put a smile on the face.


But what if the friend is super busy and does not have time to cook a 3 course meal? Can't we have the good times? of course not! McCain snacks to the rescue!

When there is irresistible yummy food, which is Trans fat free*, gets ready under 3 minutes, has goodness of potato and can also be baked, it is sure to spread smiles.

With so many delicious McCain snacks available one can never go out of options for a bunk up night out with friends, or even when there is someone visiting without informing before. The McCain snacks does the magic of making the friends, relatives craving for more food!.

When there is Good food, Good friends, Good company, Good times is guarenteed

Tuesday, September 1

35 Things every college student must do

College is fun! and happiness is thinking about college. here are few points that will bring back your college memories

1.Cooking dinner with group of friends when the mess food is bad!Getting ration from the near by store, and having an electric cooker without permission .

2.Staying up all night talking about everything under the sun and just to realise its time for class.

3.Grabbing breakfast from the dinning hall after the breakfast time was over, and pleading to the staffs so that they could give some remaining portions only to befriend them.

4.Finding an intellectual pursuit one is really interested in pursuing other that the 4 year degree.

5.Learning to say" Thanks, but no thanks" to someone who treats you in anyway less that you deserve to be treated.

6.Having a movie marathon,watching movies in repeat mode, by never getting tired of it.

7.Forming a group that you thought would never function in a college like yours, organising the events successfully.

8.Falling in love with wrong person, troubling the mutual friends, having fights, sleep less nights, patch ups, and reunions.

9.Taking advantage of the campus, reaching hostel way after the entry time. Trying to give not so genuine reason to the hostel warden.

10.Forming friendship with at-least one professor.

11.Trying on different versions of "YOU". Trying to learn several things or doing things that can be crossed off the bucket list.

12.Making plans to go on outings.

13.Realising that not all friendships last forever, and letting them go.

14.Writing /presenting a technical paper.

15.Going outside to play in the rain when there is thunderstorm.

16.Celebrating each others birthdays and surprising them.

Photo credits: sahithya

17.Dancing for all the crazy songs and laughing till the stomach hurts.

18. Trying out different hairstyles and dressing each others up, when there is college cultural and clicking crazy pics.

19.Participating in all the college fest/cultural no matter how far the college is, no matter if permission was given.

20.Fighting with a professor, if what you deserve was not given to you.

21.Learning the art of group study, when you decide to study for the next days exam and end up chatting and laughing till 3 in the morning only to realise there is more than half the potion to be covered still.

22.Having philosophical thoughts at some point and thinking critically.

23.Initiating a prank on your friends only to realise it has backfired.

24."Friendly" talk with the juniors , only to realise that the talks where not so friendly.

25.Gaining the ability and confidence to do things alone.

26.Trying out for a play,mime,dance even if its not your major. Being a part of it is fun.

credits: sahithya

27.Participating in a protest in college or taking an ideological stand.

28.Watching some TV show regularly with a big group of friends.

29. Embracing the luxury of waking up just 5 minutes before the class starts and rushing to attend the lecture every time to find out you are always late.

30.Taking videos of every meet ups, only to realise later how beautiful and candid they are .

31.Sneaking onto the roof of the building and spending quality time with friends.

credits: sahithya

32.Doing an off-Campus intern-ship.

33. Starting an assignment just half an hour before the submission time and handing it on time.

34.Befriending someone who makes you question all your assumptions, and who is always there by your side no matter what.

35.Last but not the least forming friendships that lasts life long.