Saturday, December 5

Chennai Rains

Chennai is submerged in waters. And not only is Chennai flooded but also the social networking sites with over flooded places. People head to home states with fresh spell of rain spreads fear.

This tough time has brought out real life heros. In this hour where help is needed, there suddenly is a force which unites people. So many prayers, so many helping hands, this shows the unity. I sometime think the natural disaster is natures way to show people to be united.Irrespective of cast and creed, we join hands in the rescue mission.

Social media has played a major role in helping people and rescue those who were stranded too! So FB and twitter is not only for sending candy crush requests and random messages, but also to bring people together!

I have always been proud of Chennai, but this time I see how its peoples heart is nothing less than warm and beautiful.

Nanmangalam lake

Lake overflowing with water

This is nothing less than a tourist spot.

The roads overflowing the the water from the lake

yes, this is chennai

People standing in queue to get milk

 food packets are being distributed

The oor thalaivar speaking to the people

south kolathur submerged in water.

200 feet road, (pallavaram  radial road)

area near kamakshi hospital

A Party hall submerged in water.

Enjangadu junction

huge line in the Alandur metro

opposite olympia tech park

Auto man charging 450 bucks for 3 km distance.

Pic credits: Sahithya

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  1. Cities have cat's lives. Chennai will revive in hours. Don't worry.

    1. sure.. it definitely will.. and with the number of volunteers and the unity that we see in the city, we are sure to see a positive change soon!

  2. The pictures are horrifying! I was under tremendous pressure and tension as a number of friends and relatives got stuck in the city :-( Somehow, by God's grace, all of then are fine now. Hope the city soon be on its track again...

    1. yeah.. i was not able to enter the "badly affected" areas as it was still raining heavily when i took the pics!. and happy to knowe that all your known people are safe and doing good!.


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