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15 Things To Do When You Can`t Fall Asleep

Very often it may happen that it becomes difficult for us to fall asleep. Do not start to panic and simply follow the simple tips that we have collected and they will help you to fall asleep without problems. Choose a comfortable pillow. It should not be too large or too small. Of course, some people can sleep without a pillow. It would be good use orthopedic pillows, as they are the most comfortable. Choose a comfortable pose. Comfortable pose is very important for sleep. So, you have to lie down comfortably, so that nothing interfered with your sleep Try not to twist and lie in one position. This happens because of over stimulation. It seems that you want to sleep, but you can not find a comfortable position. In such cases, lie down (for example, on the back) and do not move. At the same time, try to relax your body.Figure out whether you are relaxed or not. In order to sleep - we need to be relaxed. You will be unable to fall asleep quickly, if our muscles are tense. It is necessary t…