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Dream Catcher- Canvas Art Painting

"Make a wish, take a chance,Make a change" Free your mind and awake your soul. Let All the Dream come True.

Canvas Art. Watercolor, watercolor brush,micro pen

Eiffle Tower- Paris- watercolor painting

Eiffel Tower is one of my favorite monuments . So when i decided to do the wordwonder/ great architecture sketching series, this was the first one that i had to draw.
Watercolor painting with micron pan detailing.

Time taken: 30 min
Materials: Black marker, and water colours

20 Things to carry In you Handbag- Women

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to things that has to be carried in a handbag. It has to be just the right amount so that it does not look stuffed, but there has to be the essentials needed. Here is just an idea of things that can be carried.

1.Always Carry your ID card. 2.Carry a pen and a handy scribble pad. 3.Have a list of important contacts separately (in case u loose your mobile this will be of use) 4.Carry your money in 2 different places not a single wallet with all the cash in it ( In case you loose your wallet the money you have kept on the other place will come off use.) 5.Carry wet tissues. 6. Moisturizing lotions,lip balms,sunscreen,hand sanitizes.(Travel packs) 7.Carry a comb 8.Carry a paper soap or face wash. 9.Don't forget to carry some medicines or pain balms.(immediate relief for head ache) 10.Carry an extra plastic bag. 11.Safety pins. 12.Always carry a nutrition bar. 13.Sun glasses 14.Handkerchief 15.Tampon/Pad 16.Mouth Freshener 17.Hairpin/band 18.Carry you Mobi…

DIY Home decor-2

Sometimes its the smallest tweaks that makes the biggest change at home. These hacks solve the common dilemma but also elevates the home style. These simple ideas will not cost a lot, and a little creativity can make the home refreshing and interesting.
The first part of this series can be viewed here. and here

Jewelry Hanger:

All you need is a hanger and a paper clip. Hang you collection of chain and neck piece in the most creative way!

Reuse the old coke bottle:
Don't throw the coke bottle. Use it as a flower holder, just by taping around few colorful washi tapes.

You can also use some twine or jute wires to decorate it 

Jute Ball lamp:
Glue the jute wires and wrap them around a balloon. Wait till the jute wire dries up and carefully remove air from the balloon. you can place this over the lamp or hang them with a lamp inside it. 

DIY Activity for kids

Its summer, and all that we get reminded of summer is vacations, outings, ice creams and games. Its a challenge these days to keep the kids away from the various capacitive touch screens, that they seem addicted to. We have numbers,cartoons, rhymes and every other thing to keep them engaged on Tv ,ipad or cell phones. Yes, they are easy and convenient, But how about going the old school way and making some flash cards for kids and to make them focus and more creative?
The activities improve the little ones communication,academic and problem solving skills.These activities and worksheets not only helps them stay away from the screens for a while but also makes them active.
Here are amazing activity sheets for kids from ages 2-8. All you have to do is click on the link, take a print out of the activity sheets and hand them over to you kids. And everything is free. :)
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