Monday, June 13

DIY Activity for kids

Its summer, and all that we get reminded of summer is vacations, outings, ice creams and games. Its a challenge these days to keep the kids away from the various capacitive touch screens, that they seem addicted to. We have numbers,cartoons, rhymes and every other thing to keep them engaged on Tv ,ipad or cell phones. Yes, they are easy and convenient, But how about going the old school way and making some flash cards for kids and to make them focus and more creative?

The activities improve the little ones communication,academic and problem solving skills.These activities and worksheets not only helps them stay away from the screens for a while but also makes them active.

Here are amazing activity sheets for kids from ages 2-8. All you have to do is click on the link, take a print out of the activity sheets and hand them over to you kids. And everything is free. :)

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Amazing Animals Printable Worksheets

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Animal Preschooler Worksheet

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Wildlife Safari Animal Activity Worksheet

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