Monday, June 20

DIY Home decor-2

Sometimes its the smallest tweaks that makes the biggest change at home. These hacks solve the common dilemma but also elevates the home style. These simple ideas will not cost a lot, and a little creativity can make the home refreshing and interesting.
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Jewelry Hanger:

All you need is a hanger and a paper clip. Hang you collection of chain and neck piece in the most creative way!

Reuse the old coke bottle:

Don't throw the coke bottle. Use it as a flower holder, just by taping around few colorful washi tapes.

You can also use some twine or jute wires to decorate it 

Jute Ball lamp:

Glue the jute wires and wrap them around a balloon. Wait till the jute wire dries up and carefully remove air from the balloon. you can place this over the lamp or hang them with a lamp inside it. 


  1. The jute ball lamp was definitely my favorite out of these. Definitely one I'd love to try sometime!

    1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :) glad you liked it. Follow the blog for more such ideas. :)

  2. Goood ideas. Simple and innovative.


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