Wednesday, June 22

20 Things to carry In you Handbag- Women

      There is a lot of confusion when it comes to things that has to be carried in a handbag. It has to be just the right amount so that it does not look stuffed, but there has to be the essentials needed. Here is just an idea of things that can be carried.

1.Always Carry your ID card.
2.Carry a pen and a handy scribble pad.
3.Have a list of important contacts separately (in case u loose your mobile this will be of use)
4.Carry your money in 2 different places not a single wallet with all the cash in it ( In case you loose your wallet the money you have kept on the other place will come off use.)
5.Carry wet tissues.
6. Moisturizing lotions,lip balms,sunscreen,hand sanitizes.(Travel packs)
7.Carry a comb
8.Carry a paper soap or face wash.
9.Don't forget to carry some medicines or pain balms.(immediate relief for head ache)
10.Carry an extra plastic bag.
11.Safety pins.
12.Always carry a nutrition bar.
13.Sun glasses
16.Mouth Freshener
18.Carry you Mobile charging cable.
19.Flash drive( you can put the flash drive in your sun glass case)
20.Last but not the least, don't forget to carry your mobile and your card.


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