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Welcome to Creations By Sahi !

Using unique color palettes, I create fresh, Paintings and art that bring any living space to life and fill the room with positive energy. The bold myriads of colors will leave you breathless and sue to dazzle your guests.

There are inspirations from different parts of the world and places that i have traveled in my art works.

There is something for everyone in here.

I  undertake orders for Art prints, craft works and Commissioned paintings on request.

You can check out the Paintings from here: ART.

50% of the cost of the paintings go for charity.

Just drop in a mail
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Shiva Series is in Print now, and if you are interested : Contact me.

Jagadeesh- Lord Shiva-Shiva Series

Kailash- Lord Shiva-Shiva Series

Nataraja- Lord Shiva-Shiva Series

Rudra- Lord Shiva-Shiva Series

Shoolin- Lord Shiva-Shiva Series


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