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Kabali - Tamil Movie Review

Main Cast: Rajinikanth , Radhika Apte , 'Attakathi' Dinesh , Winston Chao, John vijay, Dhansika, kishore Written and directed by: Ranjith Background score and music: Santhosh narayanan

Yes folks, Superstar is back and back with a bang, as he announces his supremacy in the box office with his latest crime drama- Kabali, after a two year sabbatical. Written and directed by Ranjith of Madras fame, Kabali is all about an ageing gangster, trying to save his gang’s slowly dying grasp over their rival gangs, and the consequences that follow in doing so. The cast of Madras, combined with Superstar and Radhika Apte, enliven this heavy and violent drama.
The film scores in areas of story, direction and screenplay. The story concentrates on the lesser seen side of a gangster, the emotions involved in being such a big and powerful person in the society and the harsh realities that one such person has to face in order to be in that position. The characters are scripted well, with enough depth …

Smoky Mountains- Things to do in 3 days

The great smokys is Americas busiest national park. Most people see the park from the mountain-skimming scenic highway. You can always pull off the road,park the car, and stroll one of the quite walkways.

When to visit:
In summer and in fall. Time your visit to mid week and arrive early. Hit the Sugarland visitors center and grab a free map of the smokies. That makes the drive and the planning a lot easier. Don't expect to have good cell phone reception when you drive through the park.The map comes in handy then.
Day 1:
Take the Newfound Gap road to Clingmans dome to get the best sweeping views of the park by seeing it from the highest point. Reach early to beat the heat, avoid the crowd and to get a good parking spot.
From sugarlands, stop after 5 miles at Chimneys a spot where you can go on a self guided Cove Hardwood Nature Trail. A short drive from there takes you to the Chimney tops overlook, which offers views of the double summit called 'Duniskwal-guni' which means …