Monday, July 18

Smoky Mountains- Things to do in 3 days

The great smokys is Americas busiest national park. Most people see the park from the mountain-skimming scenic highway. You can always pull off the road,park the car, and stroll one of the quite walkways.

When to visit:

In summer and in fall. Time your visit to mid week and arrive early. Hit the Sugarland visitors center and grab a free map of the smokies. That makes the drive and the planning a lot easier. Don't expect to have good cell phone reception when you drive through the park.The map comes in handy then.

Day 1:

Take the Newfound Gap road to Clingmans dome to get the best sweeping views of the park by seeing it from the highest point. Reach early to beat the heat, avoid the crowd and to get a good parking spot.

From sugarlands, stop after 5 miles at Chimneys a spot where you can go on a self guided Cove Hardwood Nature Trail. A short drive from there takes you to the Chimney tops overlook, which offers views of the double summit called 'Duniskwal-guni' which means forked antlers.

Here a trail to the chimney tops which is 4-miles round trip takes you through old-growth forests and sheer cliffs. They are steep trails. So leave at least 3-4 hours for the trail.

Depending on the time and stamina, you can also hike at the next overlook,where a trail head leads to a steep climb to Alum Cave Bluffs. The Trail begins with an easy 1.3 miles trail along a tree-bordered creek to Arch Rock. Then comes the steep, rugged 1 mile ascent to the bluffs.At one point the trail skits a cliff face so sheer that you might need to hold the cable along the sides to climb the way up.

View from the view points

View from the view points
Alum Caves Arch rocks

Trek to the alum caves along the stream

Alum cave bluffs

P.S: The alum cave trail leads to Mt LeConte, Which is the park's third highest peak. There is a LeConte Lodge atop the Mount. It is a cabin type lodge with no electricity and shared bathrooms. They provide 2 meals. We did not summit this but spoke to few people on their way down.

Jump back in the car and continue on to the Newfound Gap, through which runs the Tennessee-North Carolina state line and the historic Appalachian Trail. Make an effort to retrace the Appalachians along this trail.

Appalachian Trail

View of the north carolina

The next stop would be the Clingmans Dome. From the parking lot, a steep 1 mile trail leads to the lookout tower, where you can get the panoramic view of the entire park!

Don't forget to pack energy bars, Gatorade and the adventurer in you!

Day 2:

After the hectic first day , we spent the second day by doing white water rafting along the upper pigeon river. It was a calm river for the most part with few 4 level rapids - thrilling and relaxing at the same time.

Pigeon river

In the evening, we drove along the Cades Cove Loop Road. Follow Little river and Laurel Creek Roads for 25 miles from Sugarlands Visitor center to the Cades Cove Loop Road.

The Medows

The cabins built in 1800's

Day 3:

Visit Gatlinburg and pigeon forge

P.S: All the pictures are taken in my phone camera. So pardon the picture quality.


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