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Chennai- Theme Cartoon painting

Namma chennai city themed cartoon!. I do not believe in a day being dedicated for something, and where the trend follows to woo or aahh about the thing for which the day was dedicated. For me if one loves a thing it can be celebrated any time and on any-day. So this is dedicated to  the city which is hot and humid, the city  which has the longest coastal line in Asia, the city which is rooted to its culture and is just cropping up to explore other stuffs too. The city which is stereotyped the most by people who have not even visited the place.The city that I love the most.

Oh My Love!

Every Morning I long to hold you, I need you, So we can be aware of how we're going to get done today, My  eyes are naturally wide open and never blink, you just make everything better, I could ardour you even if you were bad, you make me just do it, I know life is short, so I stay awake for this pleasure, The feel good moment deserves another, Cos you smell like heaven, I adore you in all your forms, be it dark or with your skim make up, You just make me smile,
Dedicated to all the coffee lovers. P.S: I dont drink coffee ;)

Sobremesa- Food, Fun, Laughter

Sobremesa- "That time spent after a meal, hanging out with family or friends, chatting and enjoying each other's company and savour both food and friendship". What could get better than this?
Those meet ups at a friends place where we dash in just to catch up over some good food or snacks,cook together,take the photos of the food from the perfect angle, share the food cooked, eat the food till we burp are sure to put a smile on the face.

But what if the friend is super busy and does not have time to cook a 3 course meal? Can't we have the good times? of course not! McCain snacks to the rescue!
When there is irresistible yummy food, which is Trans fat free*, gets ready under 3 minutes, has goodness of potato and can also be baked, it is sure to spread smiles.
With so many delicious McCain snacks available one can never go out of options for a bunk up night out with friends, or even when there is someone visiting without informing before. The McCain snacks does the magi…