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We are all the victims of the supermarket culture. We watch the advertisements, get inspired by the fancy bottles and the way they portray their products and without second thoughts drop them in our shopping basket. How many of us really go through the ingredients of the product and even if we go through them, how many ingredients used, do we recognize?  I always think that I am taken back to my chemical lab, where my lab assistant gives me list of chemical components and asks me to pick them  from the shelf and start doing my experiment. I have the same baffled look when I look at these ingredients in the products that I get. And how do I know if these components are good for me or not?  Some argue that, the grandmother medicine that has the Ayurvedic and the siddha components are not trustable. For those who question the quality of these traditional medicine, can u give a 100% assurance about the components used in these chemically processed/synthetic products stuffed in fa…