Monday, November 7

DIY: how to make your own terrarium

Add a little green space to your home or even a small little room with the eye catching terrarium.Planning the tropical plants inside the glass container is really fascinating. It is perfect for the winter as there will be no need to step out, and they can be placed anywhere.

Terrariums are easy to plant and they dont need any special skills to look after as well. The plants in the terrariums do not need a lot of water, so they are super easy to care for.

What is a terrarium?

it is just like an aquarium. Replace the fish with plans such a succulents and water with the soil. Isn't it cool?

I have always wanted to own a terrarium. But when ever i checked it out online or searched them in stores, they where a little costly. So i decided to try my hands making one of them.

So i collected the the things needed as mentioned above. Here is a step by step instruction of how to put them together.

Clear the glass jar/bowl of your choice and add the materials one by one in the following order.


                                         Terrarium: Sahithya sridhar

credit: sahithya sridhar

credit: sahithya sridhar


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