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Starry Night Sky- Canvas Painting

Starry skies inspire hopes and dreams. Look at the sky and just ask for a wish! The sky is beautiful when there is no light and pollution. So the best place to do night sky watch is the country side. The best night sky watch that i had was in the Yellowstone national park.It was amazing.
Inspired by the night sky in the country side, i came up with a painting on Canvas.
Things needed:
Watercolor on canvas

Dollar Store Hacks 2 - what can you do with a Popsicle stick?

Dollar store has become one of my favorite places to shop form my DIY Crafts items. With a bit of creative imagination, DIY interest and a nearby dollar store you would be amazed with what can be done with basic items. Add a bit of style to you home with just a dollar.
Boho wall hanging:
Things needed:
1.Popsicle sticks 2.glue. 
Cost of making: 1$
All you have to do is arrange the sticks in the pattern that one wants and stick them together. Your boho wall hanging is ready!

Art from waste
Things needed:
1. can lids. 2.glue
Cost of making: 0$

Just stick the lids together and color them to pop them out. They form beautiful wall hanging!

All the DIY works go on the wall!

A different view!

The Jumbo- elephant water color canvas Painting

Painted on: 16 x18 Canvas Medium used: water/acrylic colors Time taken:  1.5 hrs