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One aspect of Chennai that I would like to change

      This post is a part of the Tablog titled CBC TABLOG-2. CBC is the Chennai Blogging Club which is the most happening Bloggers community. We the members of CBC bring out the Voice of chennai .This Tablog  is a relay of post about "One aspect of Chennai that I would like to change" where 30 members from the group shell out that aspect which we would want to change and make this beautiful city even gorgeous .

       The previous Post in this series is by Kaushik who blogs at Words and Lines. He claims himself to be an introvert. A very talented and a creative young man who is great with his sketches and and his blog posts.

So here's my post for the CBC tablog - 2 titled, 'What Aspect of Chennai that I Would Like to Change.'

சென்னைவாசியின் தாகம்- தமிழ் அன்னையிடம் !

மாற்றம் வேண்டும் அன்னையே !
மாற வேண்டும் சென்னையே!

ஆற்றுமணலை அள்ளும்  கொடுமை
அற்றுப் போக வேண்டுமே!
வறண்டு கிடக்கும் நதியிலெல்லாம் 
நீரோட வேண்டுமே!

மாரி கொண்டுவந்து சேர்த்த 
நீரினாலே சென்னையிலே! 
ஏரி, குளம் ,குட்டையெல்லாம் 
நிரம்பி வழிய வேண்டுமே! 

லாரி நீரை கொண்டு புழங்கும்
அவலம் ஒழிய வேண்டுமே!
குடிநீரை காசுகொடுத்து 
குடித்தல் மாற வேண்டுமே !

கருவிலிருக்கும் குழந்தை போல,
கண்ணை காக்கும் இமையைப்போல  
கட்டிடங்கள் களை எடுத்து  
கண்மாயை காக்க வேண்டுமே !

கனவாக இல்லாமல் - இது 
நினைவாகி போகுமோ !
மனம்நிறைய  மகிழ்ச்சியாக தமிழ்

மக்கள்  நிலை மாறுமோ ?? 

For those who do not read Tamil, Here is the exact translation in English!

Chennai vaasiyin daagam- Tamizh annaiyidam

Maatram vendum annaiye!
maara vendum chennaiye!

aatrumanalai allum kodumai
attrupoga vendume!
varandu kidaikkum nadhiyellam
neeroda vendume!

maarikondu vandhu sertha
neerinale chennaiyile!
yeri, kulam, kuttaiilellam
nirambi vazhiya vendume!

lory neerai kondu pugazhum
avalam ozhiya vendume!
kudi neerai kaasu koduttu
kudittal maara vendume!

karuvilirukkum kuzhandaipola
kannai kaakum imaiyayi pola,
kattidangal kalaiyeduttu
kanmaayai kakka vendume!

kanavaaga illamal- idhu
ninaivaagi pogumo!
manam niraiya magizhchiyaga - tamil
makkal nilai maarumo!?

I would really like to thank my mom for encouraging me to write in tamil and also for proof reading and helping me to place the correct tamil words in the sentences!!

I pass on the batton to Lakshmi Venkatraman blogs at LATENT INQUEST. She  write great poems which are very simple and yet has deep meanings!. all the very best!


  1. Awesome poem!! Water shortage is one of the major problem faced by Chennai. Seawater desalination is one alternative that could Chennai's water problem.

  2. Good to read a Tamil post :) true words, indeed a necessary change!

  3. Well written and pointed out the most essential need of Chennai. Good usage of Tamil words..

  4. Chennai-la manal edukkara alavu aaru, nadhi yellam enga irrukku? :)

    Water shortage is a prominent issue in Chennai but post the compulsory rain water harvesting scheme, I think things are better now. Probably we need newer technologies that are affordable. It is even possible to extract water out of air, today. Nice poem :)

    Destination Infinity

  5. maybe you can write what the poem means in english as i cant read tamil :(


  6. Wonderful Sahithya :) It feels great to read in tamil :)

  7. Thank you for the poem written so beautifully. Thanks for the version in English for I could enjoy the same. One day the city will change as we all dream. Only wish that day is not too far. A Day should come when we don't sell water but are ready to share the same without frowns on our heads. Time for innovation to make sea water desalination for a larger extent. What we now need are not aquariums etc, but the water and air for free. Our social science teachers taught us that natural resources like water, air and earth are free...unfortunately, they are the most costliest things today and probably further scarce for our future generations.

  8. What a post... wonderful word flow.. Awesome and amazing.. spell bound.. Heartiest wishes Sahithya

  9. @Umasree Thank u ..:) yes inded we need an alternative for this issue. And also purification of the water bodies will also help to solve the issue.!

  10. @Bikram sure bikram, will try to translate it:)

  11. @Destination Infinity tru chennai la aatru manal eukara alavukku there is no water bodies.. but in and around hennai la iukku.. for example palar. So if manal kollai is stopper der, it will surely save the water problems of the suburbs..:)


Thank you so much for sharing ur thoughts...:)!!!!