Thursday, August 14

K-Karna, The unsung Hero

     Born to the sun god and a princess, he was destined to rule the world. But as luck would have, his life was marred with inhuman struggle and tests. Throughout his life time he was humiliated as he was known to be the son of a chariot driver. He was second to none in all the qualities associated with royal princes

    In the Battle of mahabharatha,  Karna and Arjuna came face to face and the battle began in earnest!!!!!!Each was Master of his craft and all those around stopped to watch---so over-awed were they by the ferocity and the prowess of both the Warriors.While Krishna's dexterity as a charioteer saved Arjuna many a time,Karna lost his charioteer to an arrow struck by Arjuna.The thick muddy slush of the Battlefield created by the ferocious destruction of Man and Animal held Karna's chariot captive.Karna jumped out to free his chariot ,but it was badly stuck and was sinking deeper and deeper in the muddy slush it was then Krishna asked Arjuna to continue the battle. Karna remembered the curse of the Brahmana ,he like the dying Cow was rooted in the muddy slush!

Krishna immediately stopped the chariot and jumped out and cradled Karna's head on his lap.He asked about Karna's dying wishes there was only one.Karna asked that his last rites be performed on barren land so that all his unfulfilled wishes and dreams should not come back to haunt any future generations and that his cursed soul should attain "Moksha"(Salvation)

Karna remains a tragic figure for millions of Hindus and Indians to this day. He remains a brave hero, a courageous spirit who braved impossible odds in his whole life, and died with terrific courage, valor and honor, to rise to immortality in fame. He is especially famous for his generosity. He is also an example of misjudgment and how that renders all the fine qualities of an individual futile.



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